Does Greg Olsen Wear A Wig

Does Greg Olsen wear a wig? People have been making fun of Olsen’s hair after he appeared in a different look last year.

Greg Olsen is a retired American football player and current sportscaster. He played as a tight end in the National Football League for 14 seasons after being drafted by the Chicago Bears.

The former football player was a college football player before being drafted by the NFL team, and he played for the University of Miami.

In addition, he also played for the Carolina Panthers and made three Pro Bowls.

The former player became the first tight end in NFL history to record three straight seasons with at least 1,000 receiving yards. 

Besides Olsen’s professional life information, his hairstyle has been trolled and questioned most often, and he learned about it in detail. 

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Does Greg Olsen Wear A Wig? What Is Wrong With Sportscaster Hair?

No, the sportcaster does not wear a wig; however, Greg Olsen’s front part of the hair has been thin day by day. 

Many people mentioned he looked a bit messier and claimed he was wearing a hairpiece in front of his hair, where he was balding.

But later, it was confirmed that he had no hairpiece or wig to cover up his bald part. 

The sportcaster has not been entirely blad and has maintained his hair. But his one-time appearance has made his fans react to his hair.

People posted their reaction on Twitter, and one of his fans wrote, “Does Greg Olsen know he’s on television? Maybe fix your tie and shave and comb your hair. Just saying,”

The Whiskey Pries commented on Olsen hair which looked a bit messy.
The Whiskey Priest commented on Olsen’s hair which looked a bit messy. (Image Source: Twitter)

Many people agreed with the Tweet and shared comments; they were disappointed by his appearance on television. 

People mentioned that it differs from how you appear in the show, which thousands of people watch.

Another viewer noticed his hair and wrote, “Greg Olsen’s hair has to be one of the greatest comeback stories in NFL history,”

Nothing was wrong with his hair, but he came in a messy look, so people commented on his coat and the look he was presented in the earlier years.

Greg Olsen Sportcaster Health Update

After he appeared messily, people thought he was not doing great with his health condition, and people believed that he was suffering from some illness.

But he is healthy and doing fine with his life; he has not publicly shared any severe illness. 

Olsen has also presented himself after he was trolled because of his hair. He has mentioned that he is not suffering from any illness in public. 

Former NFL tight end and current color commentator Greg Olsen
Former NFL tight end and current color commentator Greg Olsen. (Image Source: Deadspin)

As the sportcaster has seen being bold day by day, people believed that he might be suffering from an illness that affects hair loss, but it is not because of any disease. 

People also get bald because of heredity, so we cannot confirm that Olsen is getting bald because of any illness. 

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The sportcaster has been doing great with his health condition and living a healthy and happy life with his family. 

Olsen is a married man and Father of three; he is married to Kara Dooley. They welcomed their first child in 2011 and were blessed with twins in 2012. 

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