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Jericka Duncan is known for her work in the field of journalism and her charming personality. Since she has a unique hairstyle and appearance, many of her fans question whether Jericka Duncan wears a wig? Let’s find it out.

Jericka Duncan is a powerhouse. She serves as an American national TV news correspondent in New York City for CBS News.

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She is a fearless journalist who has a strong voice against wrongdoings.

After graduating from Ohio University in May 2005, Jericka became a reporter for the NBC-affiliated TV station WETM-TV in Elmira, New York.

And after that, her career is in full swing, and there is no turning back.

Furthermore, the national correspondent made headlines in 2018 when she came forward with messages that Jeff Fager sent her as she spoke about sexual allegations made against him.

Since there is much more to explore about the new personality, stick with us till the very end, as we will cover more about her personal life and find out if she wears a wig. 

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Does Jericka Duncan Wear A Wig?

Jericka’s hair journey is somewhat different from the other girls. Ever since she was a young girl, she used have concise hair.

When the journalist was working in the news station, she was one of three black female reporters who all looked the same.

Since Jericka realized she wanted to look different and experiment with something new with her hairstyle, she cut her hair extremely short. The one which she carries everywhere at present.

However, in an interview, the news correspondent mentioned that she did wear a wig once, although her hair was the same length back then.

Following the statement, Duncan also mentioned that wearing wigs caused breakage of her hair, which can also be sensitive to some people’s skin.

Is Jericka Duncan Married? Meet Her Husband And Kids

Although Jessica’s professional life is an open book, it can’t be said the same for her personal life.

Since the news correspondent prefers to maintain her romantic relationships low-key, it is still being determined whether he has a husband.

Still, several sites suggest that Duncan has not been married and doesn’t have a spouse.

Although Jericka’s partner is unfamiliar to the media, what we know is that she is a devoted, kind, and loving mother of one. Duncan’s daughter’s name is Journey Duncan.

The mother-daughter duo made a special guest appearance on an episode of CBS Mornings. They performed a reading from an anti-racism children’s book in the brief video. 

Does Jericka Duncan Wear A Wig
Jericka Duncan with her mother and daughter. (Source: Instagram)

Apart from this, Jericka is rumored to be dating Dray Clark. Still, the two are yet to be vocal regarding their relationship.

Nonetheless, Duncan’s alleged partner is also a journalist who formerly worked in New York City for The Black News Channel.

Jericka Duncan And Jeff Fager

After it was discovered that Jeff Fager had sent Duncan threatening text messages, he lost his job as executive producer of 60 Minutes in 2018. 

In September 2018, Duncan made these text messages public. Several of the women who worked with Fager had come forward and accused him of sexual harassment.

Jericka was reporting on the story when Jeff threatened her, saying, “You will be accountable for harming me if you continue to make these unfounded charges without providing any of your own reporting to support them.”

Does Jericka Duncan Wear A Wig
Jericka Duncan revealed Jeff’s hostile texts. (Source: Daily Mail)

He continued, “Be cautious. People who lost their jobs are attempting to harm me, so it will become a significant issue if you spread these false reports without providing any evidence to support them.”

Moreover, the journalist received acclaim from the National Association of Black Journalists for covering a section of the Me Too movement after disclosing these text conversations.

Fager admitted to sending Duncan the hostile texts but rejected the first accusations.

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