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Does Karine Jean-Pierre Wear A Wig? Neteiznes online have discussed multiple things related to Karine’s hairstyle. Find out more in this article.

Karine Jean-Pierre is an American political advisor who has been taking the role of the White House press secretary since May 13, 2022. 

After taking the role, Karine became the first black person and the first openly LGBT individual to serve in the role. From 2021 to 2022, Karine was the deputy press secretary to her predecessor Jen Psaki.

Not only that, but Jean-Pierre was the chief of staff for U.S. Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris during the 2020 presidential Campaign.

After becoming the White House press secretary, Jean-Pierre has remained in the limelight, and she has become the discussion among people. 

Does Karine Jean-Pierre Wear a Wig?

Many people on the internet have argued that Karine Jean-Pierre wears a wig, but there is no fact about it as Karine has not opened up anything regarding this topic.

When she became the White House press secretary, Karine’s hair dragged huge public attention and social media users also made trolls and memes out of Karine’s hairstyle.

Does Karine Jean-Pierre Wear a Wig
Karine Jean-Pierre has a swirly-curly hair which often gets into the media prominence. ( Source: Instagram )

Karine has swirly-curly hair, and many have thought she may be wearing a wig. A person made a video regarding the same topic in which he asked Karine a question about her hair.

He said, “Why are you wearing a wig?” However, the video was made for fun, and it was also edited. From this, it becomes clear that many people think Karine wears a wig, but it can’t be confirmed until Karine addresses them publicly.

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Is Karine Jean-Pierre Hair Real or Fake?

Karine Jean-Pierre’s hair is real, but most of her followers think that it is fake as they have claimed that the American political advisor wears a wig.

Deal Town’s website shared writing where opinions regarding Jean-Pierre’s hair were shared. In writing, a line reads, “I used to get bored of wearing my hair out all the time like Karine, so I developed these Adjustable Headbands with Edge Protect Technology.”

This line hints that Karine might be wearing a wig, and the writer has promoted a product that makes it easier for one to wear a wig.

Karine Jean-Pierre Hair
Karine Jean-Pierre appears with her amazing hair at an event at Rice University. ( Source: Instagram )

Not only that, but it was also stated that they sent one of their popular headbands to Karine. In the same way, many discussions have been raised on the internet regarding Karine’s hairstyle.

A person commented about Karine’s hairstyle: “All I can see is the red rainworm hair & the bright shiny eye shadow. Does everyone think worm hair when they see her?” 

Likewise, the topic of her hair has gone viral on TikTok, and people have made multiple funny videos regarding Jean-Pierre’s hair. 

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What Is Karine Jean-Pierre Haircut?

Karine Jean-Pierre’s haircut is swirly-curly, and the color of her hair is dark red, but many claims it was black in the past.

Furthermore, Jean-Pierre mainly becomes the victim of trolls regarding her hair, but there are people who support her too.

Karine Jean-Pierre Haircut
Karine Jean-Pierre has a swirly-curly haircut. ( Source: Instagram )

Defending Karine, one of her supporters shared the image of Karine’s hair, writing, “Her hair is gorgeous! She always comes with looks. First Black woman in her position, and the only thing you can find wrong is her hair. Stay mad.”

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