Does Marie Osmond Wear A Wig

Fans want to know about Marie Osmond’s hairstyle. Does Marie Osmond wear a wig? Let’s find out together.

Olive Marie Osmond, or Marie Osmond, is an American singer, Actress, and television host.

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She was a member of the American family music group, The Osmonds. She gained popularity from her solo pop music rather than her family singing group.

She and her brother hosted a television show, Donny and Marie, later renamed The Osmond Family Hour.

Sixty-three years old bold and beautiful Actress Marie Osmond has always mesmerized her fans through her looks. Her hairstyle has always been a topic to discuss among her fans.

Read the full article to know if Marie Osmond wore a wig and her hairstyle that amazed her fans.

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Does Marie Osmond Wear A Wig?  

The beautiful-looking Actress has always represented herself in good shape, and blonde looks.

During the 2013 appearance on The Wendy Williams Show then 53 years old Osmond revealed herself with blonde hair.

She quickly admitted that the new look was temporary and the new golden hair was just a wig. She said, “This is my mommy’s hair. This is a television first: When I go out with my kids, I never go out as me. You want to be polite and nice, but family time is family time. So, I’m a blonde. My children only know me as a blonde.”

Marie Osmond reveals the blonde wig she wears to conceal identity when out with her children.
Marie Osmond reveals the blonde wig she wears to conceal her identity when out with her children. (Source: Daily Mail)

The show host Williams asked Osmond if she had a lot of wigs. She replied, “Yeah, I do. This is one of them. I wore a Chinese one home three nights ago and went to say goodnight to my 17-year-old, who had fallen asleep. He was like, ‘Whaaaaa!”

In 2020 during an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly, Osmond revealed that wig is the secret to her lasting beauty, and she feels sexier and younger in them. She loves having wigs and changing her looks often, no matter what her age is.

In an episode of The Talk show, she showed off her short blond wig and explained her reason for frequently switching up wigs.

She said, “60 is such a great age because as you enter that era, you know who you are…its kind of like, this is me. And I think it’s just fun to show people different ways to wear hair.”

Osmond has changed her hair from red, brunette to blonde to various styles from straight, curly, pixie cut to bangs.

She admitted that underneath her wigs, she still has her famous brunette hair.

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Marie Osmond Hairstyle Amazed Her Fans

Osmond’s hairstyle has always been a topic of discussion among her fans. The 63 years old, Actress has proved that age is just a number.

You can look beautiful and flaunt less, no matter your age.

Marie Osmond Is a Style Icon! See ‘The Talk’ Alum’s Best Hairstyles Through the Years
Marie Osmond Is a Style Icon! See ‘The Talk’ Alum’s Best Hairstyles Through the Years. (Source: Closer Weekly)

Her hairstyle and color are always vibrant, and she enjoys them a lot. Her fans also love her new looks every time.

She has often changed her hairstyle; she has followed every trend since she was 20. Also, many of her fans have followed her hairstyle.

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