Does Robin Askwith Wear A Wig

Does Robin Askwith Wear A Wig? The article here answers this one major question that has been associated with the notable actor for so long.

Robin Askwith is a British actor and singer born October 12, 1950. He is best known for his roles in British sex comedies during the 1970s.

Askwith gained fame for portraying Timmy Lea in the “Confessions” film series, a series of popular comedic films during that era.

Apart from his work in sex comedies, Askwith has had a diverse career in acting, with roles in television, film, and on stage.

He has also appeared in many British TV shows, such as “Bless This House,” “Doctor in Charge,” and “Agony.”

In addition to his acting career, Robin Askwith is known for his involvement in the music industry.

He has worked as a singer, and his musical endeavors include releasing singles such as “Rock & Roll You’re Beautiful” and “I Am an Astronaut.”

Over the years, Askwith has become a cult figure in British cinema, particularly for his contributions to the comedy genre during the 1970s.

His career has spanned several decades, and he remains a recognizable and influential figure in the entertainment industry.

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Hair Real Or Extensions: Does Robin Askwith Wear A Wig? 

Despite assumptions among his fans that Robin Askwith wears a wig due to his distinctive hairstyle, it is confirmed that his hair is natural, and he does not use a wig.

Some online posts have speculated about his appearance, mentioning the appearance of lines on his face and suggesting he might be wearing a wig; however, this is not true.

Robin Askwith was born in Southport, Lancashire, England, the eldest child of Nelson and Hazel Askwith (née Cookson).

Does Robin Askwith Wear A Wig
Despite assumptions, Robin Askwith’s hairstyle is entirely natural, not a wig (Source: The Haunted Generation)

His early childhood was marked by a health challenge when he contracted polio after swimming in a contaminated pool.

He spent nine months in isolation at Southport Infirmary and had to learn to walk again.

After this period, the family relocated to Eastcote, London, where Askwith attended Orley Farm in nearby Harrow.

He was actively involved in sports, representing his school in football, rugby, and cricket and excelling in backstroke at the Ruislip and Northwood Swimming Club.

Askwith’s interest in acting was sparked by his neighbor, who worked as a floor manager at Pinewood Studios.

Together with his neighbor’s son, Askwith would observe film productions, including movies like “The Servant” and “Cleopatra,” fueling his passion for the world of acting.

More On Robin Askwith: His Career And Net Worth

Robin Mark Askwith debuted as Keating in the movie “if….” (1968), a role he later reprised in “Britannia Hospital” (1982).

His cinematic journey continued with appearances in various films, such as Otley, Alfred the Great, Nicholas and Alexandra, and The Canterbury Tales.

He also ventured into horror films, starring in 1972’s Tower of Evil, The Flesh and Blood Show from 1972, and the 1973’s Horror Hospital.

In the comedy genre, Askwith appeared in films like “Bless This House” (1972), “Carry On Girls” (1973), and “No Sex Please, We’re British” (1973).

However, his portrayal of Timothy Lea in the film series Confessions truly catapulted him to household fame.

Does Robin Askwith Wear A Wig
As of 2023, Robin Askwith’s reported net worth is approximately 2 million USD (Source: Daily Express)

He extended his presence to television, taking on roles such as Fred Pickering in Beryl’s Lot, Dave Deacon in Bottle Boys, and Ritchie de Vries in Coronation Street.

Notably, in 1975, he was honored as the Most Promising Newcomer – Male at the “Evening Standard British Film Awards” held at Drury Lane’s New London Theatre.

Recently, Askwith has continued to make appearances on television, including roles in shows like Emmerdale and Benidorm.

In 2023, the net worth of Robin Askwith has been reported to be around 2 million USD.

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