Dolly Wells husband

Dolly Wells husband, Mischa Ritcher, is a photographer by profession. The duo got married in 2000 and has two kids together. However, they have been living separately since June 2020.

Born Dorothy Perpetau Gatacre, Dolly Wells is an actress and writer famous for her works in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Doll & Em, Bridget Jones’s Diary, 45 Years.

She is the daughter of the famous comic actor John Wells. The actress discovered that John was her biological Father when she was 18. So, she changed her surname to Wells from Gatacre.

After starting her career in 1997, the skilled actress has starred in numerous movies and television series. In addition, she has garnered massive success throughout her career.

Behind the camera, Dolly is a family woman. She is married and has two adorable kids with her loving spouse, Mischa Ritcher. In this short article, let’s find out how it all began for the smitten pair.

Dolly Wells Husband, Mischa Richter, Is A Photographer

Dolly Wells’ husband, Mischa Richter, is a photographer. Originally from Windsor, England, Misch Richter grew up in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

He attended two universities in London, The Chelsea College of Art and Design and Middlesex University.

Dolly Wells husband
Dolly Wells husband is a talented photographer. Source: The Times

The England native began a career in editorial photography. His works have been featured in magazines like Esquire, Vogue, The New York Times Magazine, etc.

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The talented photographer’s work has been shown in several prestigious galleries in London, England, such as Charlotte Street Gallery, The Laura Bartlett Gallery, and The Exit Gallery.

According to his IMDb bio, both the Provincetown Art Association and Museum and the National Portrait Gallery in London have permanent collections of Dolly Wells’s husband’s work.

The actress’ spouse is also a founder of a non-profit publishing Company named Land’s End Press. The Company published Mischa’s book Saudade, a collection of a series of photographs of Provincetown and poems written by Nick Flynn.

Besides, Mischa Richter is also involved in the showbiz industry and is known for appearing in the hit TV series Doll & Em as Emily’s husband. He also has one directorial credit and one producing credit.

Dolly Wells And Mischa Richter Marital life

Dolly Well and Mischa Richter got married in 2000. The smitten pair reportedly dated for a while before exchanging their marriage vows.

The couple is blessed with two children, Elsie Richter and Ezra Richter. Elsie was born in 2002 as the first baby to them. Soon after, Ezra joined the family as the youngest member.

Dolly Wells husband
Dolly Wells with her daughter and son. Source: Instagram

Mischa Richter and Dolly Wells’s children have grown up. While Dolly starred in a British comedy television series, her husband and kids also worked in the series.

Despite being married for 24years, Dolly Wells amicably separated from Mischa Richter in June 2020. She announced the news via her Instagram. Hopefully, both Dolly and Mischa are enjoying their lives.

Dolly Wells Net Worth And Career

As mentioned above, Dolly Wells is one of the most successful celebrities in Hollywood. During her glorious career, the actress must have accumulated a massive fortune.

As a result, we can be assured that Dolly Wells’ net worth is in six-figure. ZipRecruiter reports that a person working as an actress earns a median salary of $97,101 per year in the USA. Hence, Dolly must also make it around that range.

Furthermore, Wells’ movies and television series have been a huge hit worldwide. Not only that, but they have also grossed a massive fortune at the box office.

For instance, Bridget Jones’s Diary and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies amassed $281,995,610 and $16,457,494 at the box office.

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