Don Lemon Controversy

“CNN This Morning” co-host Don Lemon controversy has sparked as an internet sensation following his sexist comment on the public platform about Nikki Haley. 

Don Lemon is a famous television Journalist in America, mainly for being a host on CNN. He was associated as a news correspondent at different places since his initial days pushing him to have a well-established career in this sector.

Following his talent in the sector, Lemon has received the Edward R. Murrow Award and three regional Emmy Awards. With this, many people watch his show daily and acknowledge him globally.

However, a substantial controversial aspect came forward, degrading his fame shortly when Lemon made a sexist comment on-screen, which was intolerable to hear!

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Don Lemon Controversy And Scandal: What Did He Say Publically?

Don Lemon’s controversy and scandal have highlighted the attention of many viewers after he dared to publicly make a sexist comment, which was disliked by many.

He curiously suggested that GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley was not in her “prime.” With this, many people are offended.

The famous CNN anchor created significant tension on the CNN This Morning set, so many people feel Lemon should be cautious when using that phrase to criticize other politicians.

Nikki Haley fires back at Don Lemon after CNN host claims she’s not in her ‘prime’
Nikki Haley fires back at Don Lemon after CNN host claims she’s not in her ‘prime.’ (Source- Independent)

Lemon mentions that legislators over 75 should undergo mental competency exams. As Nikki is over 45 years old, he says she is past prime, questioning her ability.

Don Lemon Controversy: Did He Apologize For His Wrongdoing?

Don Lemon’s controversy has spread like wildfire, and it seems that he has understood his wrongdoing and has apologized for his words about speaking about women and Nikki in general.

Lemon later apologized for his comments as he wrote, mentioning that his colleagues and loved ones pointed out his mistake and his baseless comment about a woman’s ‘prime’ was inartful and irrelevant.

As he explained his wrongdoing, he feels regretful saying so about women and thinks that a women’s age does not define her personally or professionally, following everyday examples.

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CNN’s Don Lemon says he regrets comment about women’s ‘prime’ age
CNN’s Don Lemon says he regrets comment about women’s ‘prime’ age (Source- The Washington Post)

Not only that, after he apologized about the topic, his co-star Kaitlan Collins confirmed that he was on leave. He was on the beach with his fiance during his departure just hours after he expressed a lengthy apology.

Don Lemon Controversy: Nikki Haley Response To His Comment

Don Lemon’s controversial words were acknowledged by almost many online and media viewers, and so did Nikki Haley. Many people have backlashed him, and even Nikki has responded to his comment.

Haley tweeted in response to Lemon’s remarks after gaining widespread attention that Liberals cannot bear the thought of having competency testing for senior politicians to ensure they can perform the job.

While announcing her candidacy for president, she talked about how she does not tolerate bullies through social media. With this, her reply to Lemon was highly publicized by the media.

Following the rapid attack through words on Lemon, he may have been compelled or understood his wrongdoing, so shortly came to apologize for the matter. No further information is out from Lemon currently.

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