Donna Mills

Donna Mills is a famous American Actress. Fans are curious to know if Donna Mills is still alive, as there have been many speculations about her death. Let’s check out what happened to her. 

Donna Mills is an Actress who started her career in the entertainment field in 1966. The Actress played the first role in The Secret Storm

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Donna also got the fame for her role on Broadway in the Woody Allen comedy Don’t Drink the Water. Following the year, the Actress also made her film career debut, The Incident.

Mills was also part of the soap opera Love is a Many Splendored Thing for three years. Likewise, she is also the three-time Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Villainess. 

Throughout her acting career, the Actress has played in multiple series and television shows, including, Arrest, In My Daughter’s Name, Dangerous Intentions and more. 

Donna Mills Still Alive: Death Hoax

The Arrest’s star Donna Mills is still alive. Her death rumor has been one of the most concerning topics. People wonder if she is alive, as the rumor worries her fans. 

So, ignoring the gossip and fake news, Mills is doing great, and she is still with us. So, the buzzes are some kind of publicity stunt to grab the attention of the netizens. 

Donna is still contributing her best to her acting and has been one of the most successful celebrities from the 1960s. So far, we have seen her amazing acting skill that has always amazed her beloved fans and us. 

Donna Mills
Donna Mills in her younger age. (Source: IMDB)

Mills is 83 years old, and she has spent more than five-decade in the entertainment world and has given many hits series and movies. 

Even in her 80s, we can see Mills’s dedication and passion for her work, encouraging many people worldwide.

She made her major comeback in the film vocation in 2022 after long years of gap, which might have created speculations about Donna’s death. 

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Therefore, Donna fans must ignore her death hoax. And this is not worth talking about someone’s personal life without concerning the truth. 

Therefore, people must know the truth and stop spreading such news that might impact her and her family. 

What Happened To Donna Mills?

Donna Mills has Arthritis. She has always opened up about her illness. Similarly, she has often shared her painful time dealing with Arthritis. 

Mills got media attention after making her appear on television and in guest roles after she departed from Knots Landing in December 2022. 

Regarding her departure, Donna has also discussed why MIlls decided to take a break from acting. During the interview, the Actress revealed she wants to focus on raising Chloe.

Donna MIlls
Donna Mills shares her stunning picture online. (Source: Fox News)

As of yet, she hasn’t shared being diagnosed with any other disease. Also, Nope’s fame has always made her fans conscious of her gorgeous appearance. 

Similarly, many people gossip that Donna looks much younger than her actual age as she must follow a strict diet and work out. 

Donna Mills Age And Family Facts

Donna was born on December 11, 1940, in her birthplace, Chicago, Illinois, U.S. Her parents are Bernice Miller, a dance teacher, and Frank, a market researcher and Frank Miller. 

She also has a brother named Donald. Donna attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Mills started her career at a young age. 

Donna MIlls
Donna Mills with her daughter, Chloe Mills. (Source: The Sun)

Donna is never married, and she had and off relationships with advertising Executive Richard Holland. Besides, she adopted a daughter named Chloe Mills in 1994. 

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