Doreen Noseworthy Illness

There has been significant concern about Doreen Noseworthy illness recently. Is she suffering from any health issues?

Doreen Noseworthy is a retired teacher and a former president of the Retired Teachers’ Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (RTANL).

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Noseworthy taught primary school in her heyday. She is also an advocate for seniors’ rights and housing.

She lives in Holyrood, Newfoundland and Labrador, with her husband Gerry, who is also retired.

It has been over two decades since Doreen retired. She recently disclosed the challenges of living on a fixed income during high inflation and rising costs.

Meanwhile, many people are eager to learn more about her illness and reason behind her retirement. Find out the answer below.

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Doreen Noseworthy Illness And Health 2023

Doreen Noseworthy appears to be in good health as of the time of this writing. At least she didn’t mention anything related to her health struggle in the recent interview.

Doreen Noseworthy Illness
Doreen Noseworthy illness has been a topic of public concern. (Image Source: Facebook)

Doreen Noseworthy lives with her husband, Gerry Noseworthy, who is also retired, in Holyrood, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Mrs. Noseworthy taught primary school, and her husband worked as an accountant and an administrator in the provincial public service before retiring around 2002.

The senior couple retired with pensions but have seen them lose value due to the rising cost of living, especially for food, fuel, medicine and home maintenance.

They have decided to sell their house, which they can no longer afford to keep, and look for a smaller and cheaper place to live.

Pensioners And Their Struggle With High Inflation

A similar issue was made in a recent report by Susan Walsh, the provincial seniors’ advocate, who discovered that provincial systems play a part in the roughly one-third of seniors who cannot pay basic necessities.

Walsh claimed that the predicament that many seniors are in right now is unprecedented.

“They’re proud people who worked their entire lives, raised their families, did all the right things,” stated Walsh.

However, even with careful preparation, many seniors still face rising expenses for necessities, including food, medications, gas, home heating fuel, and other necessities.

Doreen Noseworthy Illness
Doreen Noseworthy with her husband, Gerry Noseworthy. (Image Souce: OpenCanuck Facebook)

“The cost of heating fuel has nearly tripled,” Noseworthy stated. “That adds up in a hurry.”

The Noseworthy couple expressed disappointment in the lack of government action and regulation to protect seniors from inflation and poverty.

They think the big corporations exploit the consumers and the politicians do not represent their interests.

Furthermore, the retired pair have also been involved in advocacy groups for seniors’ rights and housing, such as the Retired Teachers’ Association of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Public Sector Pensioners Association.

They have called for more seniors’ housing and the proper support to allow seniors to age with dignity in their homes.

Reason Behind Doreen Noseworthy Retirement

There is no specific reason behind Doreen’s and Garry Noseworthy’s retirement. It is given that everyone will retire from their job at some age.

Similarly, the couple worked hard, nurtured their families, and planned carefully for their future during their heyday and retired after their time came.

Moreover, Doreen retired in 2002 after a career in teaching that spanned almost four decades. She taught primary school and loved her profession.

She also took some time off to raise their two children, who are now grown up and independent.

Gerry retired from his position as an accountant and an administrator in the provincial public service.

He was responsible for managing the finances and the operations of various departments and agencies.

Gerry also enjoyed his work and was respected by his colleagues. They both retired with pensions that they thought would be enough to sustain their lifestyle and needs.

They should have foreseen the challenges and the changes that would come in the years ahead. They retired to enjoy their golden years, not because they had to.

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