Doria Ragland arrest

Doria Ragland arrest rumors make headlines now and then. Is it true that she was in some sort of legal trouble?

The American social worker is a former makeup artist and yoga instructor.

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She is also known as the mother of Meghan Markle, Actress and Duchess of Sussex.

Ragland is currently in the limelight owing to the Netflix documentary Harry & Meghan.

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Doria Ragland Arrest And Charge: Was She In Jail?

There have been rumors that Doria Ragland was arrested and imprisoned for 4-5 years for tax evasion concerning a travel agency business she ran.

Speculators say that it explains her absence from Meghan’s life during a large part of her childhood.

However, there are alternative explanations for why Meghan went to live with her dad, like the fact that he lived in a better area and Doria did not have enough time due to her working as a flight attendant.

There are contrasting arguments, with some saying she was indeed sent to jail, while some state that these are nothing but baseless rumors.

Due to the lack of publicly available information, like her criminal records, it would be wrong to assume anything.

Where Is The American Social Worker Now?

Doria Ragland, 67, has been a social worker at a Mental Health Services clinic in Culver City since passing her licensing exam in 2015.

She previously worked as a makeup artist, air stewardess, yoga instructor, secretary, CFO, and CEO of a Beverly Hills care home firm, Loving Kindness Senior Care Management.

Ragland is a well-educated woman with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and a Master of Social Work from the University of Southern California.

She resides in the View Park-Windsor Hills neighborhood in Los Angeles, two hours south of where her daughter and son-in-law settled – Montecito, Santa Barbara.

Doria Ragland now
Doria Ragland brands Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s romance a ‘novelty’ in a Netflix documentary. (Source: Daily Express)

Ragland lives in a House inherited from her Father in 2011. She is very close to Meghan and accompanies her to public events.

She became a grandmother as Meghan and Harry gave birth to Archie Mountbatten-Windsor (b. May 6, 2019) and Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor (b. June 4, 2021).

The 67-year-old Ragland mostly prefers staying back from the public eye, makes an appearance in Harry & Meghan documentary.

Introducing herself in the second episode of the six-part series, she shares that the last five years have been challenging.

“I am ready to have my voice heard, that’s for sure. A little bit of my experience as her mom,” Ragland says.

Learn About Doria Ragland Family Background

Doria Loyce Ragland was born in Cleveland, Ohio, United States, to her parents, Jeanette Arnold (1929–2000) and Alvin Azell Ragland (1929–2011).

Her mother, Jeanette, was a nurse, whereas her Father and Jeanette’s second husband, Alvin, was an antique dealer.

They moved to Los Angeles when Doria was a baby and later divorced.

In 1983, Alvin married kindergarten teacher Ava Burrow, who was close to his daughter’s age.

Doria married lighting director Thomas Markle Sr. in December 1979, and their daughter, Meghan Markle, was born in 1981. The pair separated Meghan was two.

Doria Ragland family
Doria Ragland and her ex-husband Thomas do not have a good relationship. (Source: E Online)

Doria has a younger paternal half-brother, Alvin Joffrey Ragland, and two older maternal half-siblings: Joseph “JJ” (1949–2021) and Saundra Johnson (b. 1952).

It is reported that the Ragland family descends from Richard Ragland, who was born into slavery in Jonesboro, Georgia, in 1830. Richard lived long enough to experience the abolition of slavery in 1865.

The Ragland surname came from slave-owner William Ragland, a land speculator and Methodist planter who had emigrated to North America from Cornwall, England, during the eighteenth century.

Doria’s maternal grandparents, Nettie and James Arnold, worked as the elevator operator and bellhops at the Hotel St. Regis on Euclid Avenue in Cleveland.

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