Dorothy Wang Parents

People are searching for Dorothy Wang’s Parents as she has appeared in the Netflix show Bling Empire, New York 

Dorothy Wang is an American Actress and television personality best known for her role as “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” on the reality show. 

The show, which debuted on the E! network in 2014, follows the lives of a group of wealthy young people in Los Angeles’ upscale Beverly Hills area.

She is well-known for her fashion sense and appreciation of premium products, in addition to her acting and reality TV careers.

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She has appeared in several fashion and lifestyle periodicals and as a brand ambassador for several high-end fashion brands.

Who Are Dorothy Wang Parents? Meet Roger Wang And Vivine Wang

Vivine and Roger Wang are Dorothy’s parents. Roger Wang, a Chinese-American businessman, is Dorothy Wang’s Father. According to Forbes, Robert is worth $3.5 billion as of May 12, making him the 819th richest person in the world.

Roger got his money by developing condominiums in Los Angeles and used that money to launch his Company, Golden Eagle International Group, in 1992.

Dorothy Wang Parents
Dorothy Wang with her Parents Roger Wang And Vivine Wang (source: Popbuzz)

The firm, which is still operating today, specializes in real estate. Robert established the Golden Eagle Retail Group in 1995 to run malls and department shops in China. In 2006, the firm went public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

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Vivine Wang and her boyfriend became husband, Roger Wang, exchanging wedding vows. 

Even though she is married to a millionaire, Vivine prefers to keep her life private and uncomplicated. In front of a few guests, the couple went down the aisle in a modest ceremony.

The couple has been happily married for almost 30 years and lives a lavish lifestyle. She was named vice chairperson of Nanjing Golden Eagle International Group Co. Ltd.

Who Are Dorothy Wang Siblings? Meet Janice Wang And Her Family

Janice Wang, Dorothy Wang’s sister, is an entrepreneur. Janice is the vice president of Nanjing Golden Eagle International Group Co. Ltd.

On June 25, 2021, Ms. Wang tendered her resignation as Executive Director of Golden Eagle Retail Group Ltd.

Dorothy Wang Parents
Dorothy Wang with her sister Janice Wang And parents (source: Thefamilynation)

According to Forbes, she quit after being appointed vice-chairperson of a subsidiary firm.

According to the Company’s announcement, she is anticipated to continue her duties as a member of the Chairman’s Office. She is the eldest daughter of business magnates Roger and Vivine Wang.

Dorothy Wang, her younger sister, is a reality television star, travel blogger, and Instagram influencer. Her picture-sharing social media site has over 1 million followers.

Before joining her Father’s firm, she worked at East West Bank in the United States of America. She worked as a loan analyst at the bank, honing her financial management abilities during her time there.

She has been with the Company for almost 17 years. Bloomberg reports that she joined the business in January 2006. Wang worked her way up to the Executive level through hard work and perseverance.

What Is Dorothy Wang’s Net Worth2023?

Dorothy Wang is a reality television personality and socialite with a net worth of $10 million. Roger Wang, the former CEO of Golden Eagle International Group and wealthy, is her Father. Her family is worth $4 billion, according to the show.

She’s held a variety of occupations throughout the years. She has worked in real estate and expressed a desire to work alongside her Father, but she is also a television personality, reality star, and socialite.

She is still performing and has recently been in several TV shows and movies. She is also a business owner with her fashion brand.

Despite criticism that “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” reinforces negative stereotypes about the rich, Wang has maintained a pleasant public image.

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