Dr. Amir Khan

Netizens have been searching extensively for information regarding Dr. Amir’s partner, and there are several speculations regarding his sexual orientation.

Dr. Amir is counted in the list of most eligible bachelors and comes from a large family of doctors.

Khan has maintained the privacy of details about his personal life, including his parents and siblings’ identities and locations.

Nevertheless, we have gathered some information in this area and will present it to you in this article.

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The Gay Rumors- Is Dr Amir Married? Truth About His Sexual Orientation

Dr. Amir is single and not married. The name of the NHS physician has been making frequent appearances online, & his supporters have started asking questions about his sexual preferences.

Well, the truth is Dr. Amir is believed to be straight, and he recently disclosed plans for his wedding on Twitter, propelling him into the spotlight.

Dr. Amir Khan is not married and is straight
Dr. Amir Khan is not married and is straight (Source: ITV)

The Bradford-born doctor is often spotted on Good Morning Britain and has spent ten years working at the same West Yorkshire clinic.

The NHS doctor has not publicly disclosed his romantic status, and it is assumed that he is single, but he is a loving godfather and uncle. Moreover, he is very private about his family.

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Who Is The Family Of Dr Amir? Read About His Parents And Siblings

As previously indicated, Dr. Amir Khan has six sisters and hails from a huge medical family.

One of his sisters, Dr. Farzana Khan, is a front-line A&E advisor working throughout the pandemic. She gained notoriety for creating a novel pillow to benefit Covid patients.

The GMB practitioner shared a candid post of a horse-drawn carriage and a brief procession in front of his 165,000 followers. 

The doctor stated that he asked his mother, whom he adores and calls “Mama Khan,” to assist in making it happen.

The cheeky banter Dr. Amir had on Twitter regarding his prospective marriage
The cheeky banter Dr. Amir had on Twitter regarding his prospective marriage (Source: Express.co.UK)

To illustrate, Dr. Amir posted the photo to the microblogging website with the caption- “Told #MamaKhan I want to arrive at my wedding like this.”

Following this, his followers flooded the post with comments when it was shared in February last year.

One of the Twitter users commented: “I would love to see that Dr Khan!”

However, another follower had to happen a completely different perception and commented: “Dr. Khan. When I heard about your half-term break to Copenhagen, I thought you were married with children!”

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What Is The Current Net Worth Of Dr Amir?

Even though the doctor has not revealed his net worth, a GP in the UK normally earns £81,750 annually on average.

Nevertheless, Dr. Khan is already an established veteran in his field, which is why he earns more than that.

Apart from medical practice, Amir has also raised a certain fortune by publishing a book titled- “The Doctor Will See You Now.”

The best-selling book written about the life of Dr Amir Khan
The best-selling book was written about the life of Dr. Amir Khan (Source: Amazon UK)

The book chronicles the highs and lows of Amir Khan’s career as a doctor in the NHS. The best-selling book describes Amir’s journey from a trainee to a partner at one of the busiest clinics in the UK.

In the same way, he has also invited several criticisms into his life for his strong views on Covid19 vaccinations and mask use.

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