Dr. Death Yesim Cetir

Yesim Cetir age is one of the most searched topics online. Find out everything related to her family life and ethnicity.

Yesim Cetir is a character in a new peacock series named Dr. Death. In the respective series, Yesim Cetir is a character portrayed by a talented actress named Alisha Erozer.

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In the Peacock series Dr. Death, Episode 5 stands out for its heart-wrenching portrayal of Yesim Cetir, a Turkish patient, and her family. They placed great trust in Dr. Macchiarini, only to face a heartbreaking betrayal.

Cetir’s story in Dr. Death Season 2, Episode 5, sheds light on a true Turkish patient’s struggle with severe tracheal damage.

After the release of episode 5, people have been asking multiple questions related to Cetir. So, collecting everything from the accessible sources, the details have been shared below.

Dr. Death Yesim Cetir Age: How Old Is She?

Dr. Death Yesim Cetir age has dragged the eyes of many people on the web. However, it remains unclear how old Yesim is. She is a character in a newly released TV series.

So, three are not much information related to Yesim’s early life and family background. Due to the lack of information, nothing can be given at the time of this post.

Yesim Cetir Age
Yesim Cetir age is under review and the character is played by Turkish-American actress Alisha Erozer. ( Source: Instagram )

She is making headlines after she appeared in an episode of Dr. Death. Following that, viewers have raised many questions about her personal life.

Episode five of Dr. Death was released recently which has caught everyone’s attention. So, more updates about Yesim will be given later.

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Yesim Cetir Wikipedia And Biography

Yesim Cetir is a character in Dr. Death played by actress Alisha Erozer. Yesim Cetir’s story in Dr. Death Season 2, Episode 5, reflects a real Turkish patient’s battle with severe tracheal damage.

Cetir’s journey was inspired by a true story, with some creative additions that deepened her character, allowing us to better understand and empathize with the pain she endured.

Yesim Cetir Wikipedia
Yesim Cetir is a real Turkish patient’s battle with severe tracheal damage. ( Source: ABC News )

In the episode featuring Cetir, she visits Sweden for a consultation but undergoes surgery by Dr. Macchiarini instead. Dr. Gamelli strives to save her life and openly challenges Macchiarini’s surgical approach.

As said earlier, the character is done by Alisa who has remained active in this field for a long time and has worked in many movies.

All About Yesim Cetir Family And Ethnicity

Yesim Cetir family details remain under review. However, the series she appeared in has masterfully established her journey, showing us how Cetir might have been in real life.

As said earlier, Yesim is of Turkish descent. Further information regarding her personal life and background can’t be shared as she is just a character in a TV series.

Apart from that, Alisha Erozer played the role of Yesim. Alisha was born in Barbados and raised in Florida. She was introduced to theatre at the United World College in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Yesim Cetir Family
Yesim Cetir family details remain unclear as her name came into the limelight after appearing in Dr. Death. ( Source: TV Line )

For your information, Alisha is a Turkish American actress and filmmaker currently based in Los Angeles, United States of America.

Apart from playing a role in Dr. Death, Alisha has also worked on other projects such as Red Velvet, Work Life, Check, Hands of Destiny, and Seer. 

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