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People are curious to see Dr Gal Luft video and photo after the recent controversies got viral. Read this article to know the detailed information.

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan charged Gal Luft, the head of an Israeli-American research organization who claimed to have information linking Hunter Biden to unethical business operations in China, with operating as a Chinese agent on Monday.

Authorities assert that he promoted Chinese interests in the United States in 2016 without properly registering as a foreign agent as needed. He then allegedly lobbied a Trump advisor to “publicly support certain policies with respect to China.”

In addition to trying to get around American prohibitions on the sale of Iranian oil, Luft is charged with trying to arrange unlicensed weaponry sales to China, Libya, Kenya, and the United Arab Emirates.

Regarding these allegations, Luft was detained in Cyprus in February; however, he jumped bail and left; it is still unknown where he is. Read on to learn about Dr Gal Luft video and photo details.

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Dr Gal Luft Video And Photo: Allegation And Indictment

People want to see Dr Gal Luft Video And Photo. The New York Post was able to obtain a 14-minute video in which Luft identified himself as “patient zero of the Biden family investigation.”

In its indictment released on Monday, the U.S. District Court for the southern district of New York charged Luft with engaging in “multiple international criminal schemes, including a scheme to act within the United States as agents of China-based principals to advance the interests of the People’s Republic of China, without registering as foreign agents as required by U.S. law.”

Following the disclosure of the allegations, on Monday, a Twitter account supposedly run by Luft sent a link to a fundraising page for legal assistance with the message: “#StandWithGal to fight this injustice.

According to Luft, he was detained before he was scheduled to testify before the House Oversight Committee, which is now looking into the business dealings of the Biden family and is controlled by Republicans.

He asserted that in exchange for political favors, members of the Biden family received cash from individuals connected to the Chinese military intelligence and CEFC, the country’s state-run energy firm.

Dr Gal Luft Video
People are curious to see Dr Gal Luft Video and photo. (Source: NY Post)

When a New York Post writer inquired about the corruption charges in June, President Biden repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and called the reporter a “dumb question” asker.

The DOJ chose to “shoot the messenger” and started a prosecution against Gal, a whistleblower as a matter of fact and law, rather of exploring the charges.

Rep. James Comer, a Republican, referred to Luft as “a very credible witness on Biden family corruption” on July 7 when speaking on the right-wing Newsmax network.

In the past, President Biden called the allegations of wrongdoing against him a “smear campaign.”

Hunter Biden was said to have negotiated a plea agreement with the prosecution in June that will allow him to avoid going to jail in exchange for admitting guilt to two unrelated tax offenses.

Early Career Of Dr Gal Luft

According to court filings from New York, Luft was born in Israel and acquired dual citizenship with the United States “in or about 2004.”

Before founding the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security in the United States, Luft served in the Israeli army and attained the rank of lieutenant colonel.

Dr Gal Luft Video
The federal government charges Dr. Gal Luft, a ‘Missing’ Biden corruption witness. (Source: VINnews)

Luft works on “energy, security, and economic trends,” according to his IAGS profile, and holds a doctorate in strategic studies from Johns Hopkins University.

De-dollarization: The Revolt Against the Dollar and the Rise of a New Financial World Order, published in 2019, and Silk Road 2.0: US Strategy Toward China’s Belt and Road Initiative, published in 2017, are just two of Luft’s publications on geopolitical topics.

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