Dr. John Forsyth Missouri Obituary

Dr. John Forsyth Missouri Obituary, the missing case of Dr. John, has ended. Police confirmed finding his body on Tuesday. 

Dr. John Forsyth, a devoted father of eight from Aurora, Missouri, dedicated his career as a doctor at Mercy Hospital in Cassville, nestled in the Missouri Ozarks with a population of only 3,100.

Described as a man who passionately loved his children, he was known for spending countless hours playing with each of them and supporting their endeavors.

Those close to him admired his hard work and attempt to improve the world. His son, John Jr, further emphasized his father’s rational nature.

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Dr. John Forsyth Missouri Obituary

The family of Dr. John Forsyth, a Missouri doctor who had been missing for over a week, sadly announced that he was found deceased in northwest Arkansas.

The 49-year-old doctor was last seen on May 21 and was reported missing after failing to show up for work at Mercy Hospital in Cassville.

His abandoned car was discovered at a park in Cassville, with his belongings left behind. The exact circumstances surrounding his death have not been disclosed.

Dr. John Forsyth Missouri Obituary
John’s vehicle was discovered deserted in the Ozarks region. (Image Source: Mirror)

An outpouring of condolences and prayers has been witnessed as people express their sympathy and support to the family of Dr. John during this difficult time.

The community stands united in offering their heartfelt condolences and thoughts to the grieving family.

John’s brother Richard Forsyth said, “We’re devastated, especially at the nature of his passing.”

The two brothers, Richard and John Forsyth, had their last in-person meeting over dinner on Wednesday, May 17.

Richard mentioned that during their meeting, John appeared to be in high spirits, stating that it was the happiest he had seen him in a while.

John’s divorce was finalized on May 11, which seemed to have given him a newfound energy for the future.

John Forsyth Death Cause Linked To Murder

Dr. John Forsyth, aged 49, went missing on May 21, and tragically his body was discovered in a lake in northwest Arkansas nine days later, on May 30.

His brother Richard expressed shock and suspicion, suggesting that there may have been unusual circumstances surrounding John’s disappearance.

Before his disappearance, John had recently become engaged just three days before he went missing.

On May 11, an uncontested divorce settlement was finalized, granting his ex-wife approximately $19,000 per month in alimony and child support, as shared by Richard.

Dr. John Forsyth Missouri Obituary
Missing report of Dr John Forsyth. (Image Source: Mirror)

John was reported missing on May 21 after Dr failed to show up for his scheduled shift at Mercy Hospital, causing concern among his employer.

According to the employer, this was unusual behaviour from John, as he had always notified them in advance if he couldn’t make a shift in the past.

Authorities did not provide further details at the time, leaving unanswered questions about whether his death resulted from foul play or self-inflicted.

John’s unlocked vehicle containing his wallet, two phones, a laptop, and other belongings had been found near a public pool in Cassville, Missouri, where he worked.

The location where his body was found is approximately 20 miles away from Cassville.

Richard Forsyth, John’s brother, mentioned that surveillance footage from the pool captured John’s car entering the parking lot, followed by a white SUV parking nearby shortly afterward.

The family is devastated by the tragic circumstances of John’s passing and is awaiting further information from authorities regarding the investigation.

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