Dr Max Gomez Wife

People are looking for information related to Dr Max Gomez wife following his death on Saturday after a lengthy battle with illness.

Dr. Max Gomez, also known as Dr. Max, was a renowned medical correspondent and senior health editor.

He worked with several famous news networks, including WNBC-TV and WCBS-TV.

The Emmy-Award-winning reporter formerly worked as a health and science editor for WNEW-TV, KYW-TV and WNBC-TV.

Dr. Max was respected and loved deeply. With a few decades of career, he garnered enormous fame and a name in the media industry.

Sadly, the accomplished medical correspondent passed away on 2 September at the age of 72. He reportedly battled with an extended illness before his death.

While Dr. Gomez’s family, friends, and colleagues are mourning his demise, many people have shown their curiosity to learn about his personal life, especially his marriage and family.

So, was he married? Here are all the details about the late medical reporter’s marriage and family.

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Dr Max Gomez Wife: Was The Medical Reporter Married? Explore His Family

It is unclear who is Dr. Max Gomez’s spouse. Little information is related to the New York City-based health editor’s marriage.

Dr. Gomez was a private person who did not reveal much about his life or marriage. He drew a line between his professional and personal life.

Dr Max Gomez Wife
The identity of Dr. Max Gomez’s spouse is a mystery. (Image Source: New York Post)

The WNBC senior health editor preferred to keep his family away from the public eye and focus on his professional work as a medical correspondent.

Thus, scanty information about his relationship with his wife or children is available.

Dr. Max doesn’t seem to have mentioned his marriage in any public talk or social media posts, expressing his love and gratitude for their support.

As a result, the identity of Dr. Max Gomez wife has become a mystery. However, it has been reported that he was survived by his two children – Max Gomez IV and Katie Gomez.

Although there is no information, Dr. Gomez seems to have shared a blissful marital life with his wife and welcomed a few adorable kids.

He must have valued his relationship with them and spent quality time together.

Moreover, the late reporter’s family, including his wife, siblings, and children (if any), are mourning the loss of their beloved family member.

Hopefully, The Gomez family will find strength to cope during his devastating time.

Dr Max Gomez Net Worth 2023

Dr. Max Gomez was an accomplished medical reporter and health editor who has worked with several famous networks.

Dr Max Gomez Wife
Dr Max Gomez has a long and illustrious career. (Image Source: CBS News)

Thus, he must have amassed a significant fortune throughout his career. However, the precise details about his salary and net worth are yet to be made public.

According to ZipRecruiter, a person working as a medical correspondent in the United States earns $58K as their average annual salary.

An individual’s paycheck differs based on expertise and skill in the respective field. Given his long and remarkable career, Dr. Max Gomez must have been awarded handsomely.

Dr. Max Gomez was a distinguished medical reporter who worked for CBS New York for over a decade.

He was also a health editor and chief medical correspondent for other stations, such as WNBC-TV, WNEW-TV and KYW-TV.

He covered various health and science topics, from AIDS to COVID-19, and won several awards for his journalism.

The journalist also wrote books, served on boards, and mentored students in medical reporting.

Max Gomez was a respected and beloved figure in the media and medical community.

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