Dr Nelson Nagoor

Dr. Nelson Nagoor has been suspended for not telling the patient that he had Cancer and died in June. 

Dr. Nagoor, who is retired and resides in South Africa, was also judged to have been careless and damaged the medical community’s reputation.

On Thursday, a tribunal hearing was held in Invercargill.

Alison Douglass, the panel’s chair, was joined by Tim Burns, Dr. Jan McKenzie, Dr. William Rainger, and Dr. Kristin Good.

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Joshua Linder presented to Dr. Nagoor in April 2019 with a mole on his back while he was employed at the He Puna Waiora Wellness Center, run by the Nga Kete Matauranga Pounamu Charitable Trust in Invercargill.

A Cancer patient’s family in Invercargill claims that their final promise to him has been kept, his voice has been heard, and they can now grieve.

Nelson Nagoor, the previous physician of Joshua Linder, was found to have engaged in professional misconduct by a Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal.

Why Was Dr. Nelson Nagoor Suspended And Fined $5000? 

An ex-doctor from Invercargill who failed to inform his patient that he had Cancer received his punishment, but he was not present.

In October, the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal determined that Dr. Nelson Nagoor had neglected to warn Joshua Linder, a patient, that he had a dangerous form of melanoma skin Cancer. 

The tribunal determined Nagoor engaged in both professional misconduct and clinical negligence. Later, Linder succumbed to Cancer.

Evidence was presented to show that his lesion was already advanced when he saw Dr. Nagoor, and an earlier referral would not have affected the final result.

After removing a lesion from Linder’s back, Dr. Nelson Nagoor requested a histology sample from the lab.

Despite receiving a report that confirmed the legion was an invasive superficial spreading primary melanoma and that the information advised a broader resection, Dr. Nagoor failed to act and was unable to inform Linder of the histology results.

Dr Nelson Nagoor
Joshua Linder The Cancer Patient Who Died Because Of Dr Nelson Nagoor (Source: NZ Herald)

He didn’t do a further excision or suggest Linder see a specialist.

Following his retirement and return to South Africa, Nagoor was not present when the tribunal went on to the penalty hearing on Wednesday, according to the tribunal members.

When imposing the punishment, Tribunal Chairwoman Alison Douglass stated that Nagoor’s acts had brought or were likely to get the medical profession into disrepute.

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Dr. Nelson Nagoor Suspension And Charges

The tribunal convicted Nagoor, suspended his registration for three months, fined him $5,000, and required him to contribute $26,000 of the $73,000 in costs associated with the disciplinary proceedings.

Nagoor will be required to practice under supervision for 18 months at his own expense and complete a performance assessment to evaluate his ability. He won’t be allowed to practice as a solo practitioner for three years if he returns to the medical field in New Zealand.

Jane Herschell, the proceedings’ director, had previously advocated for Nagoor’s registration to be revoked and suspended if it was not. She also advocated for a fine, censure, and reimbursement of expenses.

A general practitioner’s profession requires them to be able to read and comprehend a histology report, she added.

Adam Holloway, Nagoor’s attorney, had argued against canceling Nagoor’s registration in response to a charge of clinical negligence, claiming that such a sanction was only appropriate in the most severe of circumstances.

Between April and May of 2019, Dr. Nagoor treated Linder at the He Puna Waiora Wellness Center run by the Nga Kete Matauranga Nga Pounamu Charitable Trust in Invercargill. The treatment for Linder’s back’s malignant skin Cancer.

Dr Nelson Nagoor submitted an affidavit for the initial hearing from South Africa. Through his attorney, he acknowledged that his actions constituted professional misconduct and offered an apology.

In October, Alison Douglass, the tribunal’s chair, stated that he had admitted to having “made a mistake.”

Douglass claimed that it was abundantly clear from the patient records and Linder’s testimony that Dr. Nagoor had failed in his duty of care to Linder by failing to inform him of the histology report or schedule an in-person consultation to do so.

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He neglected to inform Linder that the lesion was malignant or cancerous. According to Douglass, the tribunal’s written conclusions state that Dr. Nagoor told Linder that the tumor was not cancerous.

According to Douglass, Dr. Nagoor had acknowledged that his memory was hazy and that Linder might have assumed the diagnosis wasn’t Cancer.

According to Douglass, the tribunal was satisfied that Dr. Nagoor failed to adequately inform Linder that he had an advanced aggressive melanoma Cancer between approximately April 17, 2019, and August 2, 2019.

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