Dr Victor Chang

Dr Victor Chang wife ***** news is making rounds online, and here’s everything you need to know about Ann Simmons.

Dr. Victor Chang was a renowned Australian cardiovascular surgeon and a pioneer in the field of heart transplantation. He became a leading figure in cardiac surgery and played a significant role in advancing heart transplant techniques.

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Further, Dr. Chang co-founded the National Heart Transplant Program in Sydney, Australia, and performed the first successful heart transplant in the country in 1984. 

Tragically, he was murdered in Sydney on July 4, 1991, during an attempted extortion. At the time of his ******, Dr. Chang was just 54 years old.

Recently, Google Doodle celebrated his 87th birthday, and Dr. Chang is making headlines. Apart from that, his followers are eager to know more about his wife, Ann Simmons, which has been shared below.

Dr Victor Chang Wife ***** News Goes Viral

Dr Victor Chang was married to his wife Ann Simmons, with whom he had started a family of their own. Currently, everyone online is eager to know more about Ann as her ***** news has gone viral.

However, nothing has been confirmed at the time of this post, as none of the verified media sources have given the news about this topic.

Dr Victor Chang Wife *****
Dr Victor Chang was married to his wife Ann Simmons, whose ***** news is trending on the web. ( Source: Grant Doyle )

As said earlier, Dr. Chang was murdered in 1991, and the tragic news has surely left his wife, Ann devasted. Like many figures, Chang’s wife, Ann, also prefers to keep herself far from the public domain.

Due to her low-key nature, people may have speculated that she may have died. As multiple questions have been raised on the web, the facts will be updated in the future.

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Is Ann Simmons Dead Or Alive?

As of now, it can be said that Ann Simmons is still alive. The topic regarding her ***** is one of the most searched terms, which has left online users confused.

Not to mention, the rumors about her ***** came due to her less availability in the media sources. Despite all the rumors about this matter, the fact has not been updated yet.

Ann Simmons Dead Or Alive
Ann Simmons is still alive, but the news about her passing has left many people shocked. ( Source: Facebook )

As mentioned above, Ann was married to Dr. Chang, who was killed in 1991. Recently, Google Doodle celebrated Chang’s 87th birth anniversary.

No more info about Ann can be given at this moment, but more updates will be shared in the coming years.

Dr Victor Chang and Ann Simmons Married Life Explored

Dr. Victor Chang and Ann Simmons were married for some years. According to an online report, the pair met each other in 1966.

Dr. Chang was the on-call emergency physician at St. Anthony’s Hospital in North Cheam, London, where his wife took herself after being taken unwell at a party.

Dr Victor Chang
Dr Victor Chang and his wife, Ann Simmons, met each other in 1966 and tied the knot in 1968. ( Source: Mint )

Two years after meeting each other, Chang and Ann decided to take their relationship to the next level. Dr Chang and Ann tied the knot in the year 1968 and remained together until his passing in 1991.

They supported each other in every step of their lives. On the other hand, Dr. Chang and Ann also started their own family as they raised three kids: Vanessa, Matthew, and Marcus.

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