Dr Zachary Okhah Kids

Dr Zachary Okhah kids have been a topic of interest for people. Dr. Zachary is a famous cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery expert. 

He is a late “Wild ‘N” Out” star Jacky Oh’s plastic surgeon, who has filed lawsuits against several former clients for making claims that he mishandled their operations in online evaluations.

Leila Penn sued Zachary “Dr. Zach” Okhah of PH-1 Miami in July 2021 for more than $30,000 after she claimed in a RealSelf review that he had “mutilated” her.

Jacky Oh had visited Okhah for a “mommy makeover” only days before her death. A longtime lover of rapper DC Young Fly, Jacky Oh, passed away on Wednesday in Miami.

Her death’s cause has not been made public. People on social media point out that she stated in a since-deleted post that she had a mommy makeover.

After this incident, people are curious to know about Dr Zachary Okhah kids with wife and his other details.

Dr Zachary Okhah Kids With Wife: His Family Details

People are curious to know about Dr Zachary Okhah kids. Dr. Zach has not mentioned anything about his personal life yet.

The marital status of Dr. Zachary Okha is being investigated. He hasn’t disclosed any details about his marriage or romantic relationships to the public or on social media platforms.

Cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery expert Dr. Zachary Okhah is in Miami, Florida. Considering his appearance and age, he might be a married man. 

Dr. Okhah has established himself as a leader in the industry all because of his work at the 4 Beauty Aesthetic Institute. Dr. Okhah focuses on body contouring procedures as one of his main areas of expertise.

Dr Zachary Okhah kids
Dr Zachary Okhah kids details are not revealed yet. (Source: Dr Zachary Okhah)

He aims to give his patients respect and appreciation for their bodies using his extensive expertise and specialized knowledge.

Various surgical treatments can be used in body contouring operations, including liposuction, tummy tucks, breast augmentations, and Brazilian butt lifts (BBLs).

The fact that Dr. Okhah refers to himself as a “BBL specialist” shows his specialized knowledge of this process.

Net Worth Of Dr Zachary Okhah

The net worth of Dr Zachary Okhah is estimated to be around $4-$5 million. This is just an estimated amount based on his profession.

He is a famous doctor and has a huge fan following on his Instagram because of his impressive transformations. He is from Miami, Florida, in the United States.

He graduated from Brown University’s Warren Alpert Medical School with a medical degree and has practiced for eleven to twenty years.

Zach is currently in the spotlight due to the death in Miami on May 31, 2023, of rapper DC Young Fly’s longtime companion Jacky Oh, who had a mommy makeover.

Dr. Zachary Okhah, Jacky Oh’s Miami cosmetic surgeon, verified the news of her death.

Tummy tucks, breast augmentation, breast lifts, liposuction, vaginal rejuvenation procedures, or any combination can all be included in mommy makeovers.

The traditional mother makeover comprises breast augmentation and a stomach tuck.

Death Of Ms Jacky Oh Became A Controversy

On June 1, the tragic news of Ms. Jacky Oh!’s passing from her role as a former “Wild ‘N Out” star was made public. Additionally, the 32-year-old mother was DC Young Fly’s committed partner.

Following extensive online reports, TMZ confirmed her passing. Although the reason for her death has not been disclosed, the publication asserts that it happened in Miami.

Rumors suggest that the MTV “Wild ‘N’ Out” star, whose actual name is Jacklyn Smith, was undergoing “mommy makeover” surgery in Miami.

Dr Zachary Okhah Kids
On Thursday, June 1, it was revealed that former “Wild ‘N Out” actor Jacky Oh! had passed away. (Source: Opoyi)

Her three children, Nova, Nala, Prince, her spouse, and fellow “Wild ‘N’ Out” performer DC Young Fly, are left behind by the mother-of-three.

Ms. Jacky Oh! was already a model for the show when DC first appeared as a regular on the well-known MTV sketch comedy series “Wild ‘N Out,” that is how they first met.

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