Dream, a famous Youtuber, confirmed that he is not gay, he thinks some men are fine, but he is straight. His fans are curious to know more about his gender and sexuality. 

Clay is the real name of Dream, but he is known as Dream more than his real name. He started his own Youtube channel in the year 2014. 

Dream is also a Twitch streamer known primarily for creating Minecraft content. He gains popularity from 2019-2020, and he has gained fame and many followers.

He has 41.96 million Subscribers on the Youtube channel, and he has two Twitch channels that have earned more than 7.01 million followers and 19 million views. 

Dream Is Not Gay- Gaming Streamer Gender And Sexuality

Dream’s followers have questioned his sexuality since he gained popularity in 2020. But in April 2022, he confirmed that he is not gay via his official Twitter account. Dream seems to act like he likes men, but he is straight, as he has shared. 

Dream opens up on his sexuality
Dream opens up on his sexuality. Source: Twitter

Also, he has confirmed many times in his stream about his gender and sexuality. But still, many people believe he is just hiding his identity from the public. People have been questioning his activities, like how he talks about his friend George. 

But we can’t confirm that he is gay because he has specified that he is not gay; he only finds some men fine. And he is not gay or even bisexual.

Also, Youtuber did not reveal his face till August 2022. But in September 2022, he added a video demonstrating his face in a new Youtube channel titled Hi! I m Dream. So, people have been curious about his gender after he revealed his face in public. 

Is Dream Dating George?

There is no evidence about Dream dating George, but many fans and followers have said there is more about Dream and George than just being a Youtube partner. 

George a Youtuber
George is a Youtuber. Source: Pinterest

Before gaming streamer confirmed his sexuality, many sources also confirmed George and Dreams’ wedding. They seem to flirt with each other during streaming the games. 

George shared a Youtube video saying he has been dating Dream and posted that he will get married to him in 2021. People believed and supported them as a couple for a long time, but it was a shocking tweet of Dream saying he is not gay. 

Furthermore, the Youtuber Dream tweet clarifies that he is not gay and is not dating George, also a Youtuber in 2022. Also, in 2022, he will be single. He has not been dating anyone currently. 

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Dream a Famous Youtuber with more than 41 million Subscriber

Dream is a famous Youtuber from Florida who is also renowned as a Twitch Streamer and Social Media Star, he was born in 1999, and in 2022, he is now 23 years old. 

His real first name is Clay, and we don’t have any information about his last name. He has not revealed much about his personal life. The American Youtuber announced his face just recently, in September 2022. He started his first Youtube channel in 2016 but was recognized only after 2019-2020. 

His race is White, and he follows the Christianity religion as per what he has shared. Dream is American by his nationality. 

His net worth in 2022 is more than $11.31 million, as per Source. His Source of income is from his two Youtube channels, and he earns according to the channel’s views.  

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