Dru Tevis

Dru Tevis is gaining popularity after participating in the Holiday Baking Championship.

On the Food Network program “Holiday Baking Championship” this year, Chef Dru is a participant.

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He is the head of 16 restaurants’ dessert menus, and he wants to win this competition to show himself that he can handle any situation and is the total package.

He competes against famous judges on the program who have impressive backgrounds. Each episode has two cooking rounds, and the themes center on the supper holidays in November and December.

Who Is Dru Tevis From Holiday Baking Championship?

Dru Tevis is a corporate pastry chef from Delaware. Dru was born and raised in Westminster, MD, and spent summers in Rehoboth. Tevis participates with 12 contestants, including himself, in the “Holiday Baking Championship.”

Dru Tevis
Dru Tevis with the contestant of “Holiday Baking Championship” ( Source: Instagram )

At an early age, Dru began working in the restaurant business at a local Westminster Irish Pub. Dru spent the year after receiving her B.S. from New York University working as a manager and server in a restaurant in the heart of Rehoboth.

He offered to make desserts for restaurant week in June, as he fell in love with baking while studying abroad in Florence. He was asked to make all the sweets served in the restaurant because his desserts were well received.

Dru graduated as the top student and was awarded a Grand Diploma in Professional Pastry Arts. While living in New York, Dru worked with two prominent pastry chefs: Christina Tosi, Chef and owner of Momofuku Milk Bar, and Kierin Baldwin of The Dutch.

He joined SoDel Concepts as their Corporate Pastry Chef in the fall of 2018. The Delaware Restaurant Association recently recognized Dru as a Rising Star Chef and the first pastry chef to win the Best Chef honor at the Delaware Today Best Of Awards.

Chef Dru Tevis Wife Or Husband: Meet Chase On Instagram 

Dru Tevis’s relationship and marital status are unknown. But from the source edible DELMARVA, he lives in Downtown Rehoboth with his husband Chase and his dog Jazz and Bruce.

Dru Tevis
Dru Tevis with his husband ( Source: Instagram)

Dru and Chase both have shared so many pictures on their Instagram account. From their images, we can assume that they both may be gay.

Chase is also the chef and catering director for SoDel Concepts. We can follow him on his Instagram account for more updates about Chase.

They have been together for a very long time. These two may have fallen in love after working together in the same field.

They began collaborating on the SoDel Concepts because they felt at ease around each other. Both have a similar professional connection.

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Chef Dru Tevis Net Worth 

Chef Dru Tevis has not been released about his earnings until now, so we have no relevant information about his net worth.

The Chef’s net worth might be between $100K to $1 million today; however, the amount may be inaccurate as it is just estimated.

Dru Tevis
Dru Tevis Introducing Coffee Toffee Choco Taco Pie at Papa Grande’s Fenwick. ( Source: Instagram)

Additionally, no sources have reported on Dru’s net worth; therefore, we don’t know the exact sum of his earnings.

But given his position as a chef and status as the owner of 16 restaurants, he may have made more money than the figures indicate.

With his husband and friends, the Chef star enjoys exploring the world today. However, he has never shared information about his earnings. He is gaining more popularity through the “Holiday Baking Championship.”

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