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Deyione Eason, better known online as EDP445 (short for EatDatPussy445), is a former American YouTuber, and people are asking if Edp445 is dying From Liver Failure. 

Deyione posted videos that included reviews, cuisine, vlogs, rants, and gaming. His most often used channels were EDPGAMING1, his gaming channel, EDDP445 2.0, and CHAOTICKITCHEN445 (his cooking channel).

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Additionally, as pointed out by SomeOrdinaryGamers, he started reposting videos on a covert backup channel named EDP 445 before YouTube banned him.

His prior, since-deleted videos, such as “I flooded the toilet in chipotle” and “Nearly Shitted On Myself At School,” gained renewed fame. He had been a favorite subject for online memes.

Deyione has been linked to several accusations of pedophilia and child grooming since July 2020.

After sending sexually explicit texts to a dummy in April 2021, the charges culminated with him being discovered trying to meet a juvenile.

On April 24, 2021, Deyione privatized every one of his videos, and YouTube shut down his channels three days later, on April 27.

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Is Edp445 Dying From Liver Failure? Does He Have Stage 5 Kidney Disease?

The answer to the question, Is Edp445 Dying From Liver Failure? is No! The pedophile is dying of Kidney Failure. Hence, The news about Edp445 Dying is True.

The YouTuber does have Stage 5 kidney failure, and he verified the news on Twitter by indicating that he only has about a month to live.

Nevertheless, given that the YouTuber has a history of going to great lengths for views and likes, this could be some stupid publicity gimmick.

Deyione dispelled claims that he had been voice-chatting with young people on July 9, 2020, by releasing a video.

Edp445 Dying
The news about Edp445 Dying is True. (Source: Twitter)

According to several, his followers dismissed it as nothing more than a “Karen” or group of them attempting to shut down his channel.

Because of his reputation, people around the globe have mixed feelings about his kidney failure disease.

Some say people don’t deserve to be laughed at when they die, no matter how big their mistakes are, whereas some say Deyione had it coming and is well deserved.

The eighth episode of YouTuber ColdRaven’s “SLAUGHTERHOUSE” series was made available on October 14, 2020.

In the video, ColdRaven provided evidence that Deyione had been contacting underage girls and displayed numerous exchanges in which he was attempting to hook up with them.

Even after posting the video, ColdRaven kept releasing more proof. Eventually, he gave Deyione a fake account of himself, pretending to be a minor.

Was Edp445 Arrested?

Deyione has not yet faced legal repercussions, but the local Police department has stated an ongoing inquiry.

However, according to the Police, the sting by Alex made it a little more challenging to accuse Deyione because it complicated the investigation.

Deyione may have been arrested if Alex had phoned the Police on him before confronting him since they would have had the necessary information.

Deyione’s former friend Philippe had reported that she was incarcerated at the Henderson Detention Center in Nevada on December 2, 2021.

The fact that Philippe only ever uploaded to talk about his former friend and that Deyione couldn’t be found in the jail database under either his birth name or current identity led several people to be wary of Philippe.

Peoples' reaction on Edp445 Dying
People’s reaction to Edp445 Dying. (Source: Twitter)

People, therefore, believed Philippe was lying to get attention. This led to questions about whether Philippe falsified the screenshots, as anyone may conceal their phone numbers.

Deyione was never actually imprisoned, according to a video that SomeOrdinaryGamers released on February 16, 2022.

The video also revealed that Deyione has a TikTok profile with the name edp445theog that has activity from around the period he was supposed to be imprisoned.

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