Egypt Sherrod Husband Mike Jackson they got married on 2011. 1 1

Egypt Sherrod weight loss journey has often been questioned. The television personality shares her dietary arrangement on her social media.

Egypt Sherrod is a television and radio personality, author, and real estate expert.

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She hosts HGTV’s “Flipping Virgins” and “Property Virgins.” People know her through her book, “Keep Calm…It’s Just Real Estate: Your No-Stress Guide to Buying a Home.” 

Besides her career as a radio personality and author, she is also a philanthropist, supporting various charitable organizations that help women’s and children’s needs.

Sherrod is active on her social media; she uses Instagram to update her daily life with her followers; as of now, she has 1.2 million followers. 

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Egypt Sherrod Weight Loss Journey: Before And After 

Egypt Sherrod has always been maintaining her body weight; she gained weight after she had a baby. 

The radio host has two children; she had her second daughter in 2019. She gained a certain amount of weight during her pregnancy and after having a baby.

As of now, she looks a lot different than when she gave birth to her second daughter. 

Her television appearance is crucial to her, as she is a role model for many, and losing weight has given her more confidence in presenting herself.

Egypt Sherrod weight loss journey, before and after photo.
Egypt Sherrod weight loss journey, before and after photo. (Image Source: Realitystarfacts)

Sherrod has not revealed the amount of weight she lost in these three years. She looks more confident with her curves, and she has always been a little chubby.

Sherrod often shares her diet experience in public; she revealed that she did not have a strict diet but never skipped her workout routine.

People made harsh comments about her weight when she started gaining some weight during her pregnancy. 

So, Sherrod and her husband have made it clear that they strongly oppose body shaming in response to comments made on her social media.

Sherrod is self-assured and unapologetic about her physical appearance and firmly believes that commenting on someone’s body is never acceptable without permission.

A Look At Egypt Sherrod Daughters 

Sherrod married DJ Mike Jackson, who goes by the name of Fadelf. The couple got married on September 2011. 

Jackson and Sherrod have two daughters together, and they welcomed their first daughter, Kendall, in 2012. 

Then, they had their second daughter, Harper, in 2019. The couple often share pictures of their daughter on social media. 

Egypt Sherrod shared a family picture on Christmas 2022.
Egypt Sherrod shared a family picture on Christmas 2022. (Image Source: Instagram)

There are many pictures of Jackson and her wife and daughters; they seem protective of their children.

Often many well-known people do not prefer sharing information about their kids in public, so the couple has not disclosed any information.

Jackson had a child with his previous partner, but he has not publicly revealed information about the kid. 

Egypt Sherrod Husband Mike Jackson

Mike Jackson is very supportive of his wife, who worked together for some time. They got married in 2011. 

The couple has worked on various projects together; you can often find them in public. 

Egypt Sherrod Husband Mike Jackson, they got married on 2011.
Egypt Sherrod’s Husband, Mike Jackson, got married in 2011. (Image Source: Instagram)

They have supported each other through life’s challenges, including Sherrod’s health complications during childbirth at 42, which nearly took her life.

Mike has talked about his wife in public; he seems very caring and supportive of his wife. People admired their relationship.

Sherrod often shares pictures of them, and she also involves him in video clips.

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