Eiffel Gilyana Missing

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The Coast Guard reported that a search is currently underway for a man from Florida who vanished while out kayaking with his pals recently.

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The man, known to friends and family as Eiffel Gilyana, 46, was kayaking early on Saturday in the northern Florida inlet of St. Augustine, not far from Vilano Beach.

According to a Facebook post from the Jax Fire Dragons rowing team, he disappeared from his two companions at around 10 a.m. local time.

They discovered Gilyana’s kayak smashed in two after a while. It was also seen by his friends that he had not been donning a life jacket before going missing.

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Eiffel Gilyana Missing Update 2023: Is He Found Yet?

Eiffel Gilyana (40s) is missing off of Vilano Beach. He went canoeing with two other people, but they couldn’t find him.

There was no sign of Eiffel, but they did find his boat, iakus, and ama (shattered in half). To help with the search, we need to have more boats on the water.

He vanished about ten in the morning. He entered at the pavilion on the Atlantic Ocean side of Vilano Beach.

Eiffel Gilyana Missing
Eiffel Gilyana missing kayaker is not found yet. (Source: First Coast News)

The U.S. Coast Guard Southeast reported on Facebook that Coast Guard workers using Cutter Tarpon boats had been deployed to search the area during the night.

On Sunday morning, additional crews and partner agencies joined the search.

Off the coast of St. Augustine, a well-known port city in Florida that was founded by Spanish explorers in 1565 and is known as the oldest continuously inhabited non-indigenous colony in the United States, Gilyana vanished from sight.

One of the state’s biggest metro regions, Jacksonville, lies around 40 miles southeast of the city.

More Details On Eiffel Gilyana Case

Gilyana, a well-known figure in the local fitness scene, began working for the Jewish Community Alliance (JCA) in 2009 and currently serves as the director of fitness and wellness.

His JCA profile page mentions that he was ranked nationally in bodybuilding and that he has participated in several other fitness- and athletic-related activities.

He has also played competitive soccer in the past.

A passionate leader and role model to the JCA community, Eiffel says he is always sure to never take anything for granted and to stay positive even in difficult times,” according to the biography.

Eiffel says our JCA community is his family and his home away from home – he is passionate about sharing his knowledge of fitness and wellness with our valued members and staff.

Gilyana’s family revealed to Action News Jax that he had served with the American military in Iraq from 2003 to 2009 before joining the JCA.

In addition, he is employed by Task Force Hydro 1, a nonprofit organization that assists first responders and veterans, as a health and wellness counselor.

The U.S. Coast Guard discontinued the search Sunday night for a missing kayaker who was last spotted near the St. Augustine Inlet on Saturday morning.

When the missing kayaker, Eiffel Gilyana, was not located, the Coast Guard halted the search after dusk on Sunday.

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