El Chato Prada Wikipedia

El Chato Prada wikipedia details have garnered the interest of many followers. How is the relationship between the producer and his girlfriend going on?

El Chato Prada, real name Pablo Prada is a famous television producer in Spain.

He is the creator and producer of the reality show Showmatch which is a part of the renowned production business “Ideas del Sur.”

Numerous programs, including This is the Show, Your Best Saturday, and Your Best Sunday, were produced by him.

Additionally, he was the producer of many notable successes like Tangled, Martians in the House, and The Lizy Tagliani Show.

Chato Prada encountered a serious problem after knowing that his girlfriend and his daughter were of the same age. However, they managed to stay together for the sake of their family.

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El Chato Prada Wikipedia And Edad

El Chato Pradas’ wikipedia has attracted the interest of many people, and they want to learn about his details.

Despite being a famous producer, he is yet to be featured on the official wikipedia page. Hence, his information can be garnered from different sources.

El Chato Prada was born on February 5, 1967, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His Edad is currently 56 years.

He has also produced different famous TV series such as Bailando por un sueño and Videomatch.

Furthermore, the early life and educational background of Prada is not available in the public domain. 

He is a man of quite a few words. Hence, he has not disclosed much about him besides his work.

Who is El Chato Prada’s Wife María Lourdes Sánchez?

El Chato Prada’s wife Maria Lourdes Sanchez is a renowned dancer, singer, model as well as actress.

She was born on 5 March 1986 in Argentina, and her age is currently 37 years.

She is well-known for having participated in multiple seasons of the reality series Dancing for a Dream and was a semifinalist in seasons 12 and 14 of the competition.

Moreover, Sánchez began her career as a television dancer after being picked for a casting for the Showmatch production in Ciudad de Corrientes.

El Chato Prada Wikipedia
El Chato Prada’s wife is a renowned dancer, model, and actress. (Source: LA Union)

Additionally, she became the dancing partner of the designer Jorge Ibaez in the 2008 season of Dancing for a Dream, which was directed by Marcelo Tinelli.

Lourdes was a dependable member of the Showmatch dancers from 2010 to 2012, who always performed at the beginning of the shows and assisted the co-presenter and the participants.

Sánchez became well-known in the media in 2014 after taking part in the actor Diego Reinholds’ team in the Dancing for a Dream competition.

Later in 2016, she was allowed to host her own children’s program, El Universo de Lourdes, which aired in the mornings on América TV and featured music from her album.

Furthermore, the dancer returned to Dancing for a Dream in 2019, partnering with actor Federico Bal for its fourteenth season.

El Chato Prada Relationship With Wife María Lourdes Sánchez

El Chato Prada was in a relationship with Maria Lourdes Sanchez since 2011. Finally, after a long relationship, they tied the knot on February 7, 2020.

The couple together has a son named Valentin who was born in 2016, before their marriage.

At first, it was difficult for them because Chatos’ family was not accepting their relationship.

El Chato Prada Wikipedia
El Chato Prada’s son Valentin was born before his parents’ marriage. (Source: Caras)

Also, he has a daughter from his previous relationship named Florence Prada whose age was the same as Lourdes.

Hence, the situation became disastrous for Chado, but he managed to convince his family because he was having a son with Sanchez.

After the birth of Valentin, all family members were together celebrating his birth.

The producer also has a son from his past relationship and his name is Julian Prada. Julian works with his father in the production company.

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