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El Zarco viral video is all over social media platforms as the famous influencer’s private video was leaked. Here’s what we know.

El Zarco is a famous social media influencer having a solid fan base on Instagram. More than 757k people have followed him on the platform, where we can find him under the username @elzarcoohp.

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The Colombian social media personality also has many followers on other social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube.

Since 2020, he has been active on YouTube, and now he has amassed more than 368k subscribers. Due to his content, Zarco has been able to establish a name for himself.

Furthermore, Zarco is currently in the limelight due to the leak of his private video, which was with his wife. 

Influencer El Zarco Viral Video on Twitter

The Colombian influencer El Zarco famous as El Zarco hp, is getting viral on social media, mainly on Twitter, as his private video was leaked.

Many people on Twitter have been heavily sharing the video of El Zarco, where he can be seen having private or intimate moments with a lady in a bed who is none other than his wife Jurley Corona.

El Zarco Viral Video
El Zarco and his wife is going viral on social media due to their leaked video. ( Source: Instagram )

It is reported that the private video was first shared on Whatsapp groups, and later, it also began circulating on Twitter. When people saw their video, everyone was shocked, and many also made fun of the couple.

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El Zarco Leaked MMS Scandal Explained

El Zarco’s private video was leaked, and everyone has been asking for the actual details about it. As said earlier, Zarco was getting involved in an intimate moment with his wife Jurley Corona.

The duo recorded the video by themselves, and later, it was leaked on Whatsapp. It is unknown whether the pair shared the video or someone hacked their accounts.

Meanwhile, the leaked video has been the talk of the town, and many social media users are widely sharing the tape. On the other hand, some unauthorized sources have also posted fake videos linking Zarco’s name.

El Zarco Leaked
El Zarco is a hot topic on social media due to the leak of his private video. ( Source: Instagram )

From that, it becomes clear that some fake videos were created just to get likes and views. El Zarco’s private video with his wife is trending not only on Twitter but also on Reddit.

Many threads have been created on Reddit, and people have also shared their thoughts regarding their private videos.

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Has El Zarco Responded To Leaked Video?

At the time of this post, El Zarco has not reacted to the leaked video, but it can be said that he is aware of the ongoing situation. Following the leak, everyone have gone to Zarco’s Instagram handle and made comments about it.

Not only that, but fans have also shared some messages on Zarco’s wife’s account. On April 30, 2023, Zaro posted some snaps with his wife on their second-year anniversary. In the comment section, many people asked about the video.

El Zarco
El Zarco has not commented anything about his leaked video. ( Source: Instagram )

A person wrote, “Is she the one in the video?” Another commented, “It’s good, but it looks better in the videos.” Despite all these, Zarco have not responded, but we can be clear that he may release a statement soon.

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