Elena Ceste Wikipedia

Many people are looking for Elena Ceste Wikipedia to learn more about her disappearance and murder. Find out all the details about the 37-year-old and her mysterious death below.

Elena Ceste, a mother of four, disappeared mysteriously from her home in Costigliole d’Asti, Piedmont region of Italy, on 23 January 2014. Her family reported her missing.

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But her dead body was discovered ten months later in a canal near her house, showing signs of strangulation.

Her husband, Michele Buoninconti, was arrested and convicted for her death. However, Ceste’s spouse has always claimed his innocence and appealed the verdict.

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Elena Ceste Wikipedia And Eta: Marito And Figli

Elena Ceste was the 37-year-old who mysteriously disappeared from her house on 23 January 2014.

She was married to her husband, Michele Buoninconti, before she vanished in 2014, and her dead body was discovered in a canal near her house.

Elena Ceste Wikipedia
Elena Ceste was reported missing by her husband. (Image Source: Il Messaggero)

Elena Cesta was born around 1977 and was 37 years old when she disappeared and died. At first, Elena was thought to have disappeared from her house as her husband reported her missing.

Buoninconti said he woke up on the morning of 23 January, and Elena was not in their bed. Ceste’s spouse claimed he looked for her all over the house and saw her clothes, phone, and purse.

Buoninconti also stated that he assumed Elena went out for a walk or a run, as she sometimes did. Thinking so, Michele prepared their kids and took them to school.

But when he returned, Elena was still not home. Thus, he called the police and reported her missing.

Buoninconti told the police that the previous day, his wife had told him that she had been depressed and unhappy with their marriage.

She had been exchanging compromising messages with another man online.

The firefighter opined that his wife might have fled or killed herself. The fact that he did not discover any clothing missing from her wardrobe led him to speculate that she may have left the house naked.

Investigation Of Elena Ceste Missing Case

A massive search operation led by the police involved hundreds of volunteers, dogs, helicopters, and divers.

The investigators also questioned Elena Ceste’s other family members, friends, and acquaintances, including Buoninconti.

They learned that the pair frequently quarreled and that Buoninconti was violent and controlling of his wife and kids.

Also, Elena contacted other women during his wife’s absence. Later, police fitted Buoninconti’s home and car with hidden microphones and confirmed their suspicion.

In one of the recordings, Michele threatened to take away his children if they told anybody about their arguments.

In addition, the authorities investigated Buoninconti’s phone records and GPS data and discovered significant inconsistencies in his story.

Elena Ceste Husband Was Charged With Murder

Elena Ceste’s body was discovered in a canal named Rio Mersa, around two kilometers from her home, on 18 October 2014.

The body was in a stage of severe decay and was partially hidden by mud and plants.

The autopsy revealed that she died from strangulation and had been dead for several months. Buoninconti’s DNA was also found on her neck.

Elena Ceste Wikipedia
Eleven months after she went missing, Elena Ceste’s highly decomposed body was found two kilometers from her house. (Image Source: La Nuova Provincia)

On 20 October 2014, Elena Ceste’s husband was detained and charged with murder.

Police accused him of killing his wife in a rage after learning of her online affair. They further asserted that he had long-term plans for the murder and had used his experience as a firefighter to hide his tracks.

He was sentenced to 30 years in prison. During the trial, Michele entered a not-guilty plea and insisted that he loved his wife and was not responsible for her tragic demise.

Elena Ceste’s murder case has been one of Italy’s most discussed cases. It has attracted massive media attention and public interest.

Several books, documentaries and TV shows have been made about it, exploring its details and implications.

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