Elijah Wilson

Elijah Wilson obituary is trending on the internet sources as a young boy was killed in a ********. Here’s everything about his *****.

Elijah Wilson was a 14-year-old boy whose name came into the limelight after being named the victim of a ******** in which he lost his life.

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He was killed after gunfire exploded on the street of Ybor City as the bars were closing down. It has been said that Wilson was loved by many people, and he was a great kid.

Furthermore, Wilson was also interested in sports, and he loved football, basketball and video games. Meanwhile, he attended Liberty Middle School in Tampa.

But he was kicked out for fighting. Moreover, people close to him are mourning the loss as they have lost a beloved member of their family in a ********.

Elijah Wilson Obituary And Funeral Details

Elijah Wilson obituary was posted following his demise in a deadly ********. As soon as the news of his demise was shared on the web, people close to him were shattered.

Also, they started to share their words with the late soul as the young boy was close to many people, and he shared a good bond with everyone.

Elijah Wilson Obituary
Elijah Wilson ***** news has gone viral on the web as he was killed in a deadly ********. ( Source: Facebook )

A person on Facebook wrote, “Sending my condolences to the family & friends of this young man.” Another user said, “Prayers for his parents are babies are not supposed to leave this earth before us.”

In addition to that, online users are also concerned about Wilson’s funeral and memorial details. At the time of this post, nothing related to Wilson’s rites has been shared.

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Elijah Wilson ***** Linked To ******** Case

Elijah Wilson ***** cause has been linked to a ******** case that happened recently. The deadly ******** happened in Ybor City. 

In the ********, two people were killed while 16 were injured as it happened early morning Sunday. Emmitt Wilson is also mourning the loss of his son.

Elijah Wilson *****
Elijah Wilson ***** has left his family devasted and his father has also talked about this horrific incident in an interview. ( Source: Facebook )

Emmitt was at the scene of the ******** and watched as his son’s body was carried away. Tampa police say it is unclear why a young boy was in Ybor City around 3 a.m. and whether he was engaged in the fight that led to the ********.

According to the court document, a gun was discovered in the waistband of the person who died. It has been said that Wilson was with his group, and they got into a confrontation with another group.

At that time, someone from the other group spit at him. It may be the reason why the ******** happened.

Elijah Wilson Family Mourns The Loss

Elijah Wilson family is mourning the loss of their beloved member. He was just 14 years old at the time of his passing. Everyone close to Wilson is deeply devasted as they have lost an important person.

Wilson’s father, Emmitt, is deeply saddened as he lost another child in the ********. While talking to FOX 13, Emmitt said that Elijah is the second child he lost to senseless gun violence.

Elijah Wilson Family
Elijah Wilson family is mourning the loss of their beloved member. ( Source: Facebook )

While talking with the outlet, Emmitt said, “He wasn’t a bad child. You know, he just gets around certain people. And, you know, these teenagers nowadays, they don’t really listen to their parents. They listen to more of their friends.”

To the huge loss of the Wilson family, the whole Genius Celebs team pays a heartfelt condolence to the whole family, friends, relatives, and close ones. 

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