Elise Finch Sister

Elise Finch sister Kiya Finch is among her family members who are mourning the CBS New York Meterologist’s sudden and unexpected death.

Elise Finch was a well-known television personality who worked as a CBS New York meteorologist for a long time.

She was a talented, well-liked professional who loved music and volunteering for the community. Sadly the Mount Vernon native is no longer with us.

Elise passed away on Sunday, 16 July 2023, at the age of 51. The cause of her death has not been disclosed. The Metrologist’s family, friends, colleagues, and fans have been in tremendous pain by her sudden death.

The television personality leaves behind her husband, Graig Henriques, daughter Grace, parents James and Charlette Finch, and sister Kiya Finch.

Many people are curious to learn about the late television personality’s family members after her demise. In today’s article, let’s get to know Elise Finch’s sister, Kiya Finch.

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Elise Finch Sister Kiya Wikipedia And Age

Kiya Finch is the only sibling of Elise Finch, a beloved CBS New York meteorologist who died suddenly on Sunday.

Elise Finch Sister
Kiya Finch is the only sibling of the late television personality Elise Finch. (Image Source: Twitter)

Kiya Finch was born to her parents, James Finch and Charlette Finch. While her date of birth has not been revealed, we assume that she doesn’t have much age gap with Elise. However, it is unclear who is elder among Kiya and Elise.

As the late television personality preferred to lead her life away from the media limelight, there is very little information about her family members, including her sister.

Regardless, Kiya Finch grew up with her late sister, Elise Finch, surrounded by the love and support of their parents.

Kiya shared a close bond with her late sister Elise. The Finch sisters supported and encouraged one another in their respective careers.

Their shared passion for their chosen fields and unwavering support for each other exemplify the strength of their sisterhood.

Kiya Finch Is A Graduate Of LIU In Brooklyn

As reported by GH Gossip, KIya Finch earned her bachelor’s degree from Long Island University in Brooklyn in 2015.

However, there are no details related to her major subject. But we assume that the late meteorologist’s sister pursued her career in her chosen field and did well professionally.

Kiya must be an accomplished individual in her own right, despite being less known to the public.

Elise Finch Sister
Elise Finch and Kiya Finch shared a tight-knitted bond with one another as they grew up together, surrounded by their parents’ love and support. (Image Source: CBS)

Though the nature of her profession remains a mystery, Kiya must have deep knowledge and unwavering passion for her job. She must be known for her ability to navigate complex situations effortlessly.

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Is Kiya Finch Married?

Some online sources have mentioned Elise Finch’s sister’s name as Kiya Finch-Roberts. This suggests that Kiya is married to a man with the surname Roberts.

But we could not find credible reports about Kiya’s marital life. Considering her age, it is possible that she is married and has a few adorable kids.

Also, whether or not Kiya Finch is active on social media is unknown. The approach of the television personality’s sister to keep things away from the public eye has made it challenging to know anything about her.

Hopefully, we will get to know more about the late meteorologist’s sister in the coming days.

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