Is Julia Haart Still Fired

Is Julia Haart still fired? The reason behind firing Haart has been a topic to discuss for the past few days. 

Haart is an American fashion designer and author, and she came into the limelight after marrying Elite World Group owner Silvio Scaglia.

The news about getting fired at the CEO of Elite World Group has been coming out in public. As Haart shared, she has half percentage of the group, does not seems like she won 50% in real life.

Be with us to learn more about the reason behind firing his wife. Are the couple getting divorced? 

Elite Model Management CEO: Is Julia Haart Still Fired?

Yes, Julia Haart, CEO of Elite Model Management, was fired just after she filed for divorce from her husband, the Company’s management.

Haart became the Company’s CEO not because of any experience or because she owned 50%; she was just at the place because of her husband, Italian entrepreneur and billionaire Silvio Scaglia.

The news of their divorce and dismissal from the company has surfaced; however, no explanation for Haart’s dismissal or the divorce itself has been made public.

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As of now, the place of Julia has yet to be taken by anyone, but following the news, it seems like deputy chairman Paolo Barbieri will take over.

He is a much more experienced person than Julia’s viewers mentioned.

People have mentioned that the main reason for firing her from the job is her lack of experience, but there are other reasons.

Julia Haart fired
Julia Haart fired with Netflix cameras rolling — and there’s no prenup. (Image Source:  Page Six)

According to reports, the couple has been fighting to be separated since last year, but they eventually reconciled.

But this time, the couple thought divorce would be good for both; right after filing for divorce, Haart was also fired.

The audience was not expecting Scaglia will Fire her from the position, but as a couple, that would be step one of their separation.

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What Happened To Her? Her Current Job

Julia Haart was fired from her job; she was CEO of Elite World Group and the creative director of e1972, a luxury fashion brand launched by Elite World.

She has not been involved in any job; she has been fired for three to four days, so she probably will be working with different teams.

But she hasn’t mentioned anything about her current job; she worked for her husband, who is now divorced.

Julia Haart Was Fired As CEO Hours Before Filing For Divorce From Husband
Just hours before requesting a divorce from her husband, Julia Haart was fired as CEO. (Image Source: Radar Online)

Her husband had the power to Fire her from her job, so when she decided to divorce and live separately, her husband fired her.

As Haart was a Fashion designer, she used to look after the fashion level in Elite; she was good at her work. But many of them were not happy about her being the CEO.

After the news about her being fired from the job, people assumed she was fired because she lacked knowledge and experience.

Everyone is curious to learn why the couple divorced, but the reason has yet to be disclosed.

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