Elizabeth Holmes Suicide

Did Elizabeth Holmes attempt suicide? Following the news of Theranos founder’s sentence, there has been considerable curiosity regarding her mental health issues.

Elizabeth Holmes is an American felon who was found guilty of fraud in relation to her blood-testing biotechnology business, Theranos.

The Theranos founder began serving an eleven-year sentence on Tuesday (30 May) in a Texas federal prison. She once dazzled Silicon Valley with promises of ground-breaking blood-testing technology.

The 39-year-old was found guilty on several counts of fraud. But on charges of cheating Theranos patients, she was found not guilty.

Holmes arrived at a Bryan, Texas prison on Tuesday, according to the minimum-security prison spokesperson.

Meanwhile, people are curious to learn whether the convicted felon has attempted suicide and has mental health issues, including depression. Let’s unpack all the details in regard below.

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Elizabeth Holmes Suicide: Depression And Mental Health Issues

It is unknown if Elizabeth Holmes has ever attempted suicide. Also, no official reports regarding the convicted criminal’s mental health issues have been released.

Elizabeth Holmes Suicide
The convicted felon Elizabeth Holmes doesn’t seem to have struggled with depression. (Image Source: ABC News)

Following her conviction and sentence, people appear to be wondering if she has ever felt so guilty for what she did that she wanted to die. However, there is no record of Holmes struggling with depression.

In contrast, the wife of Ian Gibbons, who served as the chief scientist at Theranos, said that Holmes has no remorse for any of the things she has done to anyone, nothing. Theranos’s chief scientist, Ian Gibbons, attempted suicide in May 2013.

Ian Gibbons’ wife, Rochelle Gibbons, also blamed Elizabeth Holmes for his untimely death. The grieving spouse of the late scientist also revealed that Holmes called her shortly after Ian’s demise and asked for all of his Theranos papers without expressing sympathy.

The late scientist, who was diagnosed with cancer, feared Holmes would fire him and tried to take his life. He died a week later.

Moreover, minutes before hearing her sentence on 30 May, Elizabeth told the courtroom she was devastated by her company’s fall.

Nonetheless, the convicted felon doesn’t have any mental health issues. She never attempted suicide.

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Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Rise And Fall

Holmes founded Theranos in 2003. Elizabeth was only 19 years old and a dropout of Standford University at the time. The private company was considered a breakthrough health technology company.

Theranos’ valuation soared up to $9 billion at its peak. The company claimed to have developed a technique that requires only small volumes of blood, such as from a fingerprick.

On the basis of her company’s value, Forbes declared Holmes the youngest and wealthiest self-made female billionaire in the United States in 2015.

Elizabeth Holmes Suicide
At its peak, Elizabeth Holmes’s company, Theranos, reached a valuation of $9 billion. (Image Source: People)

When information about possible fraud regarding Theranos’s claims started to emerge the following year, Forbes revised its estimate of Holmes’s net worth to zero.

In addition, Fortune included her in its feature article on “The World’s 19 Most Disappointing Leaders.”

Holmes was successful in securing about a billion dollars from well-known investors.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Holmes exaggerated Theranos’ “finger stick” technology by claiming it could do dozens of common diagnostic tests with only a few droplets of blood.

Tyler Shultz, the grandson of George Shultz, played a significant role in making the incident public. He was working at Theranos as a research engineer.

Edward Davila, a federal district court judge in San Jose, ruled over Elizabeth’s case and gave her a sentence of 11 years, three months in prison.

Additionally, Judge turned down Holmes’ request to be released on bail.

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