Baby Gabriel Missing

Where Is Elizabeth Johnson Baby Gabriel 2023? Baby Gabriel has not been found yet, but it is believed that he may be alive.

Gabriel Johnson, famous as Baby Gabriel, was an infant believed to have been kidnapped and killed by his non-custodial mother, Elizabeth Johnson, in 2009.

Elizabeth allegedly abducted the child from Tempe, Arizona, on December 18, 2009. It’s been a long time since the child has not been seen, but many believe that he may still be alive.

In June 2023, a new docuseries shed new light on the investigation. Project Absentis, led by Abel Pena and other retired federal agents, joined the search at the request of the family. They worked to find the child, but nothing has been discovered yet.

Elizabeth Johnson Baby Gabriel 2023 Update

The 2023 update of Elizabeth Johnson’s baby Gabriel shows no sign of the child being found. It remains unclear where the baby is now.

However, many people believe that Gabriel may be alive. Thomas Leader discusses the message of hope at the heart of his Peacock docuseries, Where Is Baby Gabriel, released in June 2023.

Director Thomas aimed to address this question in his new Peacock documentary, but given the numerous uncertainties, the three-part series refrains from favoring one theory over the other.

Elizabeth Johnson Baby Gabriel 2023
Elizabeth Johnson’s baby Gabriel went missing in 2009, and he has not been found yet. ( Source: CBS News )

The lead Detective on the case 13 years ago was Jesse Salame; he is now said to be the Chief of Staff for SAPD Chief William McManus. 

In the Peacock show that just started today, Salame shares that Johnson confessed to him about killing her son. He conducted the interview without permission while Johnson was in a mental health unit at a Phoenix jail.

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Where Is Baby Gabriel Now?

Baby Gabriel was never found, and the case remained unsolved. The disappearance of Gabriel Johnson, an infant, occurred in 2009, and despite extensive efforts by law enforcement and the community, his whereabouts remained unknown.

It can’t be mentioned where the child is now, but the case is still open, and many people hope that the child may be living with a new family.

Baby Gabriel Now
Baby Gabriel has not been found yet, and the news of his mother changing her name to Naomi Aragon has gone viral. ( Source: Twitter )

So, Gabriel’s family remains in the dark about whether he was murdered or adopted. In 2022, his mother, Elizabeth, took new steps in court to try to make the story go away by switching her identity.

It has been said that she had changed her last name to Martinez and was granted a legal name, Naomi Aragon, in 2022. 

Baby Gabriel Went Missing In 2009

Baby Gabriel, an 8-month-old infant, disappeared in 2009 amid a custody battle between his parents, Elizabeth Johnson and Logan McQueary.

Johnson initially claimed to have killed him but later recanted. Despite extensive investigations, Gabriel’s whereabouts remained unknown, and his body was never found.

Baby Gabriel Missing
Baby Gabriel disappeared in 2009 amid a custody battle between his parents, Elizabeth Johnson and Logan McQueary. ( Source: Facebook )

Furthermore, Elizabeth was arrested and convicted of related charges, serving prison time without revealing what happened to Gabriel. The case remained unsolved, leaving unanswered questions about his fate.

Apart from that, a Facebook group named Bring Home Gabriel has also been created where people share their thoughts regarding the vanishment of the child.

The group is still active, and many people still talk about the child who has not been found yet. 

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