Israeli-Russian Researcher Elizabeth Tsurkov

Elizabeth Tsurkov family is worried as the Israeli-Russian researcher was kidnapped in Baghdad in March 2023. Let’s find out more about her personal life.

Elizabeth Tsurkov is a Russian-Israeli researcher at the Forum for Regional Thinking, an Israeli-Palestinian think-tank. In addition to that, she is also a doctoral student at Princeton University’s politics department.

Furthermore, Tsurkov has worked as a consultant with the Atlantic Council and International Crisis Group. Besides that, she is making headlines on the internet after getting kidnapped in March 2023.

Reportedly, she was kidnapped in Baghdad and held by the group Kata’ib Hezbollah, an Iraqi militia backed by Iran. It has been said that she went to Iraq to do research for Princeton University.

Israeli-Russian Researcher Elizabeth Tsurkov Family Life

Elizabeth Tsurkov family is currently worried as she has been kidnapped for over three months. The Tsurkov family has also said they hold the Iraqi government directly responsible for her safety.

Not to mention, Tsurkov was born to Jewish parents in 1986 in St. Petersburg, Russia. It has been said that her parents moved to Israel. Tsurkov spent her early childhood on a kibbutz. 

Elizabeth Tsurkov Family
Elizabeth Tsurkov and her younger sister Emma were photographed together in a single frame. ( Source: Ynetnews )

Her mother is Irina, who has talked about her daughter in the media, while the name of her father remains unclear. Reportedly, Tsurkov’s parents were jailed by the Soviet authorities after working alongside Natan Sharansky.

Furthermore, Tsurkov also has a younger sister named Emma. Tsurkov arrived with her mother and sister in Israel in 1990, the year before her father. The Tsurkov family later moved to an Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank.

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Elizabeth Tsurkov Ethnicity and Religion Explored

Elizabeth Tsurkov is of mixed ethnicity, while her actual religion remains unclear. However, it is believed that Tsurkov may be following Christianity, but the fact will get updated soon.

For your information, Tsurkov is fluent in Arabic, Hebrew, English, and Russian. Talking about her early life, at the age of 9, Tsurkov joined other kids from the settlement in a rally in Jerusalem against the peace process with the Palestinians, known as the Oslo Accords. 

Elizabeth Tsurkov Ethnicity
Elizabeth Tsurkov was born to her Jewish parents in 1986 in St. Petersburg, Russia but later moved to Israel with her family. ( Source: New York Post )

The protest even gained infamy due to the strong provocation directed towards then-prime minister Yitzhak Rabin.

A month later, following Rabin’s assassination, Elizabeth celebrated with the children and teachers in her local school. 

Where Is Elizabeth Tsurkov Now?

Elizabeth Tsurkov is being held by the group Kata’ib Hezbollah. She was kidnapped in March 2023 when she went to Iraq to do research for Princeton University.

Everyone is worried, but it has been said that Tsurkov is safe. Initially, her mother, Irina, told Israeli public broadcaster Kan that she had not been contacted by any Israeli officials and that she had no knowledge of Elizabeth’s presence in Iraq.

Elizabeth Tsurkov Now
Elizabeth Tsurkov was kidnapped in March 2023 when she went to Iraq to do research for Princeton University. ( Source: AI-Monitor )

In the same way, her sister Emma said that she knew her sister was in Baghdad but had lost contact with her in March. The family has also said that the Iraqi government is directly responsible for the safety of Elizabeth.

Meanwhile, Tsurkov underwent surgery for a back injury in a Baghdad hospital eight days before the abduction. As of now, she is still kidnapped, and more details about her case may get updated soon.

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