Ella Toone

Ella Toone’s remarkable football journey often overshadows questions about her personal life and whether she has kids.

Ella Ann Toone is a rising star in women’s football. She is known for her impressive skills as an attacking midfielder for the Women’s Super League club Manchester United and the England national team. 

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Born on September 2, 1999, Toone’s journey from a passionate childhood Manchester United fan to a critical player on the international stage has been nothing short of inspiring. 

Her recent success in the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022, where she scored a crucial goal in England’s victory over Germany, has solidified her position as a true force to be reckoned with in the sport. 

Beyond her accomplishments on the field, Toone’s personal life has also caught the attention of fans and media alike. 

Ella Toone Kids: Does She Have A Son?

Currently, no information or evidence suggests that Ella Toone has any kids. 

Her journey has predominantly revolved around her remarkable rise in the football world, from her early days playing at Astley & Tyldesley FC to her pivotal role as an attacking midfielder for Manchester United and the England national team. 

Toone’s focus and dedication to her career have been evident in her performances on the field, where she has earned accolades and represented her country at various levels. 

While her personal life has piqued curiosity, particularly her relationship with former footballer Joe Bunney, any discussions about children or family planning remain private matters for Toone. 

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Her achievements and commitment to her sport continue to be at the forefront of her narrative, captivating the admiration of fans and inspiring aspiring athletes across the globe.

Ella Toone Boyfriend: Is She Dating Anyone?

Ella Toone’s romantic life has garnered attention, particularly her relationship with her boyfriend, former footballer Joe Bunney. 

Ella Toone boyfriend
A close acquaintance revealed, “Ella and Joe share a strong bond of love and have been in a committed relationship for a significant period.” (Source: thesun.co.uk)

They share a deep connection rooted in their love for the sport and Manchester origins. Joe Bunney, who has played for teams like Rochdale, Bolton Wanderers, and Grimsby Town, has steadfastly supported Toone’s career. 

The couple’s relationship has been described as loving and strong, with sources indicating that they have been together for a significant period.

The couple’s shared experiences in football have likely contributed to their bond. Their connection, facilitated by mutual friends, blossomed into a relationship characterized by support and affection. 

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Bunney’s presence by Toone’s side during her remarkable achievements, such as the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 victory, speaks to the depth of their relationship.

Is Ella Toone Planning To Have Any Kids?

Ella Toone has not publicly discussed any plans or intentions regarding starting a family and having children.

Ella Toone boyfriend 1
While her success on the field has been a defining aspect of her life, her relationship with Joe Bunney has also provided a glimpse into her personal world. (Source: thetimes.co.uk)

Her focus has been on her football career, which has been on an upward trajectory. Toone’s dedication to her sport has led to numerous accomplishments, including representing England at various levels and contributing to significant tournament victories.

While Toone’s relationship with Joe Bunney is a significant aspect of her personal life, her current priorities are centered around her football commitments and continued sports growth. As with any individual, plans for starting a family can be profoundly personal and subject to change over time.

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As Toone continues to excel in her football career and make her mark on the international stage, her decisions about her personal life are likely to be guided by her aspirations and circumstances.

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