Ellen Greenberg death

Ellen Greenberg ***** is still a big mystery and something that has been highly disputed. Over a decade later, the case is still not finalized.

Ellen Rae Greenberg was a young teacher who taught first grade at Juniata Park Academy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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A native of New York City, she was the only child to her parents, Joshua and Sandra Greenberg.

Born on June 23, 1983, Greenberg was 27 when she was found dead in her apartment kitchen with multiple stab wounds.

Her ***** case became a sensation in the true crime community and was featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Dr. Oz ShowPeople Magazine48 Hours, etc.

The mystery and suspicion surrounding her ***** have also led to episodes in Accident, Suicide or ******, the Criminology PodcastSinisterhoodCatch My Killer, and Crime Junkie, among others.

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Ellen Greenberg ***** Case: Was It A ****** Or Suicide?

Ellen Greenberg’s ***** has initially ruled a homicide, then switched to suicide without any explanation.

Investigators on the scene stated the apartment door was locked from the inside. They said there were no signs of intrusion, and the victim had no defensive wounds.

Sam, Ellen’s fiance, said he had returned from the gym and broke the door to enter the kitchen. Ellen had reportedly been diagnosed with acute anxiety.

Her parents, Joshua and Sandra Greenberg of Harrisburg are fighting day and night to take their civil suit to trial.

They are unconvinced and have spearheaded their investigation for the past 11 years. They also hired an attorney, Joseph Podraza, to change the cause of ***** to homicide.

Ellen Greenberg ****** or suicide
The family of Ellen Greenberg has new evidence that she was murdered. (Source: Daily Mail)

On January 26, 2011, when a blizzard hit Philadelphia, Ellen Greenberg left work and returned to her Manayunk apartment.

She lived with her fiancé Samuel (Sam) Goldberg, a Gladwyne-based television producer for Golf.com and previously N.B.C.

Ellen was dead of multiple stab wounds at approximately 6:40 pm that evening.

She had twenty stab wounds, including ten to her back and neck. Furthermore, she had 11 bruises on her right arm, abdomen, and right leg.

Although there was no suicide note, the crime scene was initially treated as a suicide.

The autopsy done by the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s Office initially ruled the case as a homicide, but the Philadelphia Police Department backtracked.

The case was reversed and officially deemed a suicide in February 2011, with no explanation given to the Greenbergs.

Case Update: What Is Happening In The Ellen Greenberg ***** Case?

The Philadelphia Inquirer released a front-page investigative report on March 15, 2019, evaluating the suspicious circumstances around the ***** of Ellen Greenberg.

Cyril H. Wecht, a Pittsburgh forensic pathologist, analyzed the case and claimed it was “strongly suspicious of homicide.” He also expressed confusion regarding “how they wrote this off as a suicide.”

Likewise, forensic scientist Henry Lee reviewed the case files and concluded that the types and number of wounds and blood marks were “consistent with a homicide scene.”

In October 2019, Greenberg’s parents filed a civil suit in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas against the Medical Examiner’s Office and Dr. Marlon Osbourne, the pathologist who carried out the autopsy.

Ellen Greenberg case update
Ellen Greenberg and her fiancé, Sam Goldberg, at their apartment kitchen. (Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer)

The suit aimed to change the nature of ***** from suicide to homicide or “undetermined,” citing the availably of new information. 

A new technology called photogrammetry, which was previously unavailable, created a 3D anatomical recreation of Greenberg’s wounds, showing that all 20 wounds could not have been self-inflicted.

In August 2022, the Chester County District Attorney’s office announced they would reopen an investigation into Greenberg’s case. 

In October 2022, the Greenbergs filed a second civil suit against authorities, seeking monetary damages.

In November 2022, an appeals court heard arguments. It could take a few months before a decision is made.

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