Emi Wong Divorce

Emi Wong divorce rumors have been spreading all over the internet. Be with us and learn whether Emi Wong divorce rumors are true. 

Those who were early subscribers may recall Emi Wong by her last name, StayFitAndTravel.

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Before Wong became well-known in Hong Kong, she was just a fitness enthusiast in 2017 who posted videos on YouTube while maintaining a full-time job as a social media manager.

She was determined to be just like her after witnessing how she combined a demanding day job with a strict fitness regimen.

Although she never quite succeeded in developing the habit of exercising daily, Wong’s channel became very popular in the following years.

Emi Wong Divorce Rumors: Her Husband Chad Details

Emi Wong divorce rumors are fake, as she is pleased with her husband, Chad. Emi Wong and her husband, Chad, are united in a love marriage. They exchanged vows in a formal ceremony in February 2020.

She was in her first year, and chad was in his second year when they first met while attending the University of Hong Kong.

On their various social media sites, the couples can be seen posting images of one another. She appears to be quite busy, both personally and professionally. She hasn’t engaged in any current controversies as a result.

Emi Wong Divorce
Emi Wong with her husband Chad on his birthday. (Source: Instagram)

The couple fell in love at the University of Hong Kong, where they studied Business Administration.

They were initially buddies, and that friendship lasted very long. They finally began dating and were engaged. Finally, in 2020, Emi and Chad exchanged vows to become husband and wife.

Emi Wong Family Life Explored

Emi Wong is a well-known Youtuber and Vlogger with a channel of the same name.

She focuses her personal writings, lessons, and advice videos on lifestyle, fitness, and health. Wong was born on January 20, 1990, in Toronto, Canada, and is a citizen of that country.

Emi Wong Divorce
Emi Wong during her vacation. (Source: Instagram)

Her zodiac sign at birth was Aquarius, and she is of Caucasian ethnicity. Her parents and siblings are still a mystery.

Although according to the source, it is known that she holds a bachelor’s degree from The University of Hong Kong with a concentration in business administration.

Net Worth Details of Emi Wong

Emi Wong’s net worth ranges from $100k to $1 million USD.

According to social blade, her YouTube channel generates about 39.8K to 637.3K USD in year earnings with about 6.3 million views.

Her exact earnings have not yet been made public. The Toronto-born, Hong Kong-raised entrepreneur had attracted half a million subscribers just a year after she established her YouTube channel.

She subsequently decided to resign from her position and pursue full-time video production.

The extra time and work she invested in building her own brand paid off handsomely since, by 2019, she had amassed one million YouTube subscribers.

From there, Wong’s career took off. Today, she has 670k Instagram followers and nearly 5.5 million YouTube subscribers.

Emi Wong Divorce
Emi Wong in YouTube creator summit 2022, Singapore. (Source: Instagram)

Although she continues to focus on all things fitness, including home workout videos and advice on eating well and keeping a balanced diet, she has expanded her reach to cover beauty, fashion, and lifestyle topics.

A short search of her social media accounts reveals numerous sponsored posts and collaborations with companies like Chanel, Charlotte Tilbury, and Loewe.

Even if she doesn’t believe it, it’s safe to say she’s succeeded. And lastly, talking about Emi Wong divorce rumors, they are fake, and she is happy with her husband.

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