Emil & Dariel brothers

Are Emil and Dariel brothers? AGT fans and viewers are often curious about the star performers’ relationships.

Emil and Dariel are a cellist duo best known for Season 9 of America’s Got Talent. The musical pair was eliminated in the top 12 in the Judges’ Choice.

They have now returned for America’s Got Talent: All-Stars, which is set to bring back some magnificent acts and performers to have graced the stage.

As part of the spinoff series, musicians, singers, dancers, comedians, aerialists, and more will return to showcase their impressive skills again.

Musician duo Emil and Dariel are among the contestants to return for another chance at victory. The show will premiere on N.B.C. on January 2, 2023.

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Are Emil & Dariel Brothers? Meet Their Parents And Family

Emil and Dariel Liakhovetski are indeed brothers. Although in their early teens, the siblings are making a name for themselves worldwide.

They were 16 and 13 years old when they entered America’s Got Talent in season 9.

They were the youngest American cello virtuoso cross-over duo to be featured on a national stage then.

The brothers live in a busy, sunny Boca Raton home with their parents, Alla and Anatoli, six-year-old sister Violette, and grandfather, Leonid.

Emil & Dariel parents family
Emil & Dariel with their family during Christmas. (Source: Facebook)

Their Father, Anatoli, is a dentist, while their Mother, Alla, is a homemaker.

Regarding their education, Emil attends Florida Atlantic University on a Bright Futures scholarship, whereas Alla homeschools Dariel.

Emil And Dariel Family Background: They Have Russian Roots

Emil and Dariel come from a long line of musicians, mostly classical musicians, including their grandfather Leonid Rubanchik. Leonid was a principal cellist, teacher, and student of Pyatigorsk.

The cellist brothers inherited a gift from their granddad. Although his classical career was denied in America, Leonid passed his dream on to his grandsons.

Rubanchik is a proud grandparent who watches from behind the stage as Emil and Dariel take their bows and remembers that everything has been worth it.

From the uprooting from his Russian homeland to the shock of starting all over in America, the 77-year-old finds his decision to bring his family to the States worthwhile.

Emil and Dariel are equally proud and thankful. Before their audition with AGT, Dariel said, “We’re here to pay back to our grandfather, everything he did for us; after all these years, I think he deserves to see us on a big stage.”

L-R – Emil Liakhovetski, grandfather Leonid Rubanchik and Dariel LiakhovetskiImage from Sun Sentinel
Emil Liakhovetski, grandfather Leonid Rubanchik and Dariel Liakhovetski (Source: Daily Dose of Art)

The boys learned to play the cello from Leonid, who emigrated to the States from Belarus, Russia.

”He’s our coach, and we want never to stop learning,” Emil said. “There is always something more we can achieve.”

“He came here with nothing, no money, nothing, just his cello, and that is how he made a living,” Dariel said and shared that they never took lessons from anybody else.

During an interview with N.B.C., Leonid said, “I always tell the boys: In America, if you work hard, dreams come true.”

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Emil And Dariel Net Worth As Of 2023

There needs to be an official or verified source of the net worth of Emil & Dariel. As young and talented musicians, we expect them to do well financially.

The musical duo and rock cellists impressed on stage as they became America’s Got Talent finalists in season 9.

They are back to impress once again as they join the All-Stars spinoff of the hit talent competition show.

In 2013, Emil and Dariel’s dream came true when 2CELLOS invited them for a guest appearance during their U.S. tour in Orlando and Tampa. 

Since then, the talented brothers have been unstoppable in their quest to share their talent and passion.

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