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Is Emilia Clarke Pregnant? Secret Invasion fans are eager to know about the actress’ weight gain and health updates. Find out more info in this article.

Emilia Clarke is a well-known British actress who gained widespread recognition after appearing in a hit television series named Game of Thrones. Besides that, Clarke is also famous for starring in Me Before You, Terminator Genisys, and Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Due to her outstanding acting skills, Clarke has also won multiple awards and some of which include the CinEuphoria Awards. She has also been nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards (four times).

Since 2009, Clarke has been working actively as an actress, and she has given many hit movies and tv series. Further, Clarke is also appearing as G’iah in a new tv series named Secret Invasion.

Secret Invasion: Is Emilia Clarke Pregnant In 2023?

Secret Invasion actress Emilia Clarke is not pregnant, but the rumors of the actress expecting a child have remained in the media for a long time. All of the rumors started in 2017 when Clarke was spotted with a baby harness strapped to her chest.

The photos of her carrying the baby went viral on social media, creating rumors of Emilia’s pregnancy. However, the baby was not of Emilia. So, it is believed that she may have carried her friends’ child.

Emilia Clarke Pregnant
The pregnancy rumors of Emilia Clarke started when she was spotted carrying a baby. (Source: Mirror)

In July of the same year, it was rumored that Clarke was pregnant, but it was also fake. The rumors of Clarke’s pregnancy may have risen due to her images in which her belly looks a bit bigger. But as of 2023, she is not pregnant.

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Emilia Clarke Weight Gain and Health

Emilia Clarke has not gained weight, but she was a bit heavier in the past. Due to that, she did exercise and maintained her health, gradually losing weight too.

In the past, Clarke has also dealt with her health issues. Reportedly, she was diagnosed with two aneurysms and underwent the coiling procedure first in 2011.

The other aneurysm was very small and left untreated to observe the same growth. They discovered that the aneurysm had increased two years later, and Clarke underwent surgery.

Emilia Clarke Weight Gain
Emilia Clarke has not gained weight. (Source: Instagram)

But during the surgery, the aneurysm ruptured, and they had to convert it from minimally invasive to open surgical clipping and save Clarke’s life. 

After her health problems, Clarke even thought of maintaining her diet and decided to cut weight. So, she decided to avoid junk food and also began focusing on physical exercises. 

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Emilia Clarke Health Update

As said earlier, Emilia Clarke has faced some problems in the past, but she has already done surgery. So, as of now, she is doing well, and there are no issues with her health.

Talking about her illness, Clarke had brain aneurysms. Not to mention an aneurysm is an unnatural swelling or lump in the wall of a blood vessel, like an artery.

Emilia Clarke Dog
Emilia Clarke posted a photo with her pet dog. (Source: Instagram)

Having two aneurysms, she first did surgery in 2011 and later did a procedure for the second one.

While doing the surgery for the second time, the aneurysm got ruptured. Due to that, doctors had to convert the surgery from minimally intrusive to open surgical clipping. 

To get updated on her current life, we can follow Clarke on Instagram under the username @emilia_clarke. 

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