Emmanuelle Vera

Emmanuelle Vera is a multi-talented artist based in the Philippines. Meet Emmanuelle Vera boyfriend, Niko Del Rosario are they still together? 

Emmanuelle Vera is a famous and talented singer, songwriter and beauty pageant holder. She gained fame after joining Miss World Philippines 2021 competition.

Vera was crowned Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas 2021, and the singer also represented the Philippines at the Reina Hispanoamericana 2021 competition, where she ended up being a 3rd Runner-Up.

Professionally she has achieved success in both her acting and music career. Talking about her acting career, she portrayed the antagonist, Diana Rosales, in the musical television show 1DOL. 

Vera was also one of the main cast of Shoutout! Likewise, in 2018, Emmanuelle made her debut appearance on GMA Network via The Stepdaughters.

Along with her professional career, her fans are also captivated to know about her love life. Many people think she is still in a relationship with her fiance Niko del Rosario. 

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Who Is Emmanuelle Vera Boyfriend, Niko Del Rosario?

Emmanuelle Vera is not just famous for her amazing acting and music career; she also often gained fame for her relationship. 

So, many questions have been asked about her boyfriend, as her fans still think that she is in a relationship with her fiance, Niko Del Rosario, which is not true. 

Emmanuelle’s then-boyfriend, Niko, is a digital creator, and he has also been credited for a movie, Kaibigan, where she is portrayed as the bad friend of Jake. 

Emmanuelle Vera boyfriend
Emmanuelle Vera with her ex-partner, Niko del Rosario. (Source: Manilastandard)

Niko is also known as the brother of AZKALS Football Player Anton del Rosario, and he is also seen in the Bikini Open Pageant in the Philippines. 

Moreover, Niko is also known as a social media influencer who has often seen multiple beauty pageants and competitions and has gathered considerable followers on his Instagram handle, where he is active under the username @nikodelrosario. 

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Are Emmanuelle Vera and Niko Del Rosario Still Together?

As said earlier, Emmanuelle Vera and Niko Del Rosario are not together as the one-timed famous duo has separated ways. 

Although Niko Del Rosario and Emmanuelle were a one-timed famous couple and fans still miss them together, they are not in a relationship as the former couple have parted ways. 

Vera and Rosario were romantically dating in the past, and they didn’t just remain lovers, as they also got engaged in 2018. Currently, Vera and Rosario are not in touch with each other. 

However, the official news of their break up has remained missing from the sources. Emmanuelle is currently dating a new man whose name is still a mysterious topic, as fans are also captivated to know about her new man. 

Emmanuelle Vera
Emmanuelle Vera with her new boyfriend. (Source: Instagram)

The cute couple often shares their picture, but Vera never tagged him, nor has she exposed his Instagram account, which is challenging for us to talk about Emmanuelle’s new partner. 

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Emmanuelle Vera Net Worth Is In Million Dollars

Emmanuelle Vera has a net worth of million of dollars. Most sources report that she has more than $ 1 million net worth. 

However, the exact earnings figures remain unknown as the actress hasn’t shared her net sum. While seeing her posts on her Ig handle, we can see she lives a lavish lifestyle, and her fashion taste is also talked worthy. 

Emmanuelle Vera
Emmanuelle Vera, the official candidate of the Miss Universe Philippines 2023 pageant. (Source: Instagram)

Vera often attends events and enjoys her life fullest with her partner. She must have gathered most of her earnings from her professional career as a singer and model. 

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