Empress Njamah

Empress Njamah scandal has dragged the Nigerian actress into the controversy. If you want to know more about her leaked video, read this whole article.

Empress Njamah is a notable actress from Nigeria who is famous for her portrayal in movies such as Girls Hostel, Missing Angel, and Liberian Girl.

Njamah has been working actively in the showbiz industry since 1995, and due to her amazing work, she has been able to gain name and fame.

In 2012, she was also nominated for the best-supporting actress at the Africa Movie Academy Awards. In late 2022, Njamah made headlines after sharing some info about her personal life.

Now, everyone wants to know more about her scandal. So, collecting everything from the available sources, the facts have been covered in today’s writing.

Actress Empress Njamah Scandal Explained

Actress Empress Njamah has been making headlines for the past few days, and it all started after people started searching for her scandal.

Not to mention, her private video went viral on social media in early 2023, where she was seen bathing in the bathroom. Likewise, another video was shared where Njamah was reportedly exposing herself.

It has been noted that the video was recorded and posted by her ex-partner, whose name is Nicholas Jack Davis, aka George Wade.

Empress Njamah Scandal
Empress Njamah went viral after her private video was posted on social media. ( Source: Instagram )

In December 2022, Njamah alleged her ex-lover assaulted her and that he blackmailed her with nude tapes she had shared with him. Nicholas reportedly blackmailed her.

Later, he reportedly created a group on WhatsApp and posted the video, which went viral within a short time, leaving everyone shocked.

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Empress Njamah Leaked Video Goes Viral

Empress Njamah leaked video still makes rounds on the web, which was shared in early 2023. It was reportedly leaked by her ex-partner with whom she had a romantic affair.

Her ex-partner Nicholas posted the video on WhatsApp group, and later it was shared on other social media handles, including Twitter and Reddit.

Empress Njamah Leaked Video
Empress Njamah made headlines after her leaked video was posted on various social media platforms. ( Source: Instagram )

As soon as the clip was shared, everyone was shocked, and they began searching for the viral tape, which was easily available on Twitter.

As of now, many fake videos has been posted using the name of the actress to get views on their post. As stated earlier, the Empress was seen bathing in a video, and another video showed her exposing herself to the camera.

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Empress Njamah Viral Video Update

The Empress Njamah scandal has a new update, as the person who leaked the video has been arrested. Nicholas Jack Davis shared the video, and before that, he blackmailed the actress.

In April 2023, a video went viral on social media which showed the man getting arrested. In the public address, the Liberian police confirmed Nicholas’ arrest following complaints of several ladies who had fallen for his scams.

Empress Njamah Viral Video Update
Empress Njamah scandal has a new update as a man who is said to be the actress’ ex-partner was arrested. ( Source: Twitter )

Njamah was not the only victim, as Nicholas also blackmailed other women. Njamah also said something following his arrest, saying that Nicholas had videos of other ladies who were even her colleagues.

Following his arrest, Nicholas must be under police control, and more updates may be delivered soon as people are asking many questions on the internet. 

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