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Ecuador’s Enner Valencia is expected to be one of the standout performers in the ongoing FIFA World Cup. Learn all about his religion, family, and ethnicity.

The pro footballer is the captain and the #13 forward for the Ecuador national team. 

Representing Ecuador since 2012, he has registered 37 goals, his nation’s all-time high record. He also shared the record for Ecuador’s most goals at the World Cup finals (three) with Agustín Delgado.

However, that record appears to be solely his after his stellar performance at the opening game against Qatar.

At the club level, Enner plays for the Turkish club Fenerbahçe. He has previously played for teams such as Emelec, UANL, West Ham United, and Everton (loan).

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Enner Valencia Religion: Is The Ecuador Captian Muslim?

According to Football Arroyo, Enner Valencia is a Christian. However, the information is yet to be verified by an official source.

Following his brace in the first half of the opening game against Qatar, Enner and his teammates did a special celebration. They got down on their knees while pointing toward the sky.

While this gesture’s exact meaning is unknown, it likely has a religious significance. 

Enner Valencia and his teammates are celebrating their first goal in World Cup 2022 opener. (Source: The Sun)

According to Statista, Catholic Christianity (68.8%) is the major religion in Ecuador, followed by Evangelist (10.6%), Pentecostal Evangelist (3.7%), and others. All top religions in the country are different sects and branches of Christianity.

Learn About Enner Valencia Family Ethnicity And Origin

Enner Remberto Valencia Lastra, also known as Enner Valencia, originally hails from San Lorenzo, Ecuador. He is the son of Bolivia Lastra and Remberto Valencia.

Enner is of Afro-Ecuadorian ethnicity and Ecuadorian nationality. The Fernebache player has two sisters named Ericka Valencia and Erci Valencia.

Erci faced a horrific incident in August 2020 when a heavily armed group took her hostage in San Lorenzo. They held her for ten days before releasing her unharmed.

In a press conference, Lieutenant Henry Herrera revealed that the gang’s motive was to ask for a ransom of $2 million (£1.5 million). Five people were arrested for the crime.

After her release, Enner took to Twitter to express his “mix of emotions” and thanked everyone, including authorities, for helping rescue his sister.

His extended family includes Peter Valencia (uncle), Juan Guerrero (nephew), and José Mina Quiñones (brother-in-law).

Enner Valencia family
A picture of Enner Valencia’s extended family. (Source: Life Bogger)

People often get confused that former Manchester United player Antonio Valencia is his brother. Antonio debunked the rumors, saying his brother’s name was Éder.

Enner plays at the top level now but was not always so fortunate. He came from a low-income family who found it challenging to fulfill their basic needs.

He worked hard from an early age, helping his dad to make money by selling cow milk on the street. 

Even after he began his football career, Enner did not have enough money to pay rent and took financial help from his club.

However, he was always passionate about the sport and used rag balls to train daily and develop himself as a player. He also lied to his parents and bunked classes to focus on his game.

Talking about his childhood experience, Enner said, “I was always with a ball, or a bottle, or whatever I came across, always trying to get a game going.”

Meet Enner Valencia, Wife And Four Kids

Enner Valencia is married to his philanthropist wife, Sharon Escobar.

The couple has four kids, three daughters, Beira, Amelia, and Annalia, and a son David. Amelia is currently 8, Annalia is 5, while David is 3.

His eldest daughter, Beira, is from Sinthyia Pinargote Chumo, his former wife, whereas the rest are from his current wife, Sharon.

Enner Valencia wife Sharon
Enner Valencia with his wife Sharon Escobar. (Source: Opoyi)

Enner and Sharon are glad their kids get along despite Beira being a stepsister. Besides, the daughters have something in common: their luscious hair.

Enner has had a rocky relationship with his ex-wife. In October 2016, she filed a warrant against him over unpaid child support.

In his defense, the player said that Sinthyia wanted to ruin his image in the media and prevent him from seeing his daughter. He also claimed that she intended to use the alimony to purchase luxury cars and other extravagant items.

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