Eric Omondi wife

People want to know about Eric Omondi wife. Eric is a Kenyan comedian and Actor.

In 2008, he made his acting debut in the comic series Churchill Show broadcast on NTV.

Since then, in 2018–2019 and 2020–he has won three African Entertainment Awards USA for “Best Comedian.”

In Kisumu County, Eric is the second child of a four-person household. He first went to Kisumu Boys High School and later to Kondele Primary School.

After that, he enrolled in Daystar University to study a journalism and mass communication course. Be with us till the end to learn more about Eric Omondi wife. 

Eric Omondi Wife: Is Comedian Married?

The rumour that Eric Omondi was having an affair with female anchor Jackie Maribe in the past seems to have died after he met Kenyan-Italian model Shantel Grazioli.

Many were taken aback when Eric Omondi arrived hand-in-hand with his half-Italian, half-Kenyan fiancée Shantel Grazioli at the 2015 Safaricom Groove Awards red carpet.

According to rumours, the two connected at Kasarani’s Kenya at 50 performance. 

Famous Chantal Grazioli, or Miss Chanty, is dating a well-known comic in Kenya. Chantal and Eric are not yet wed.

While Kenyans were commemorating their 50 years of independence at Kasarani stadium, Eric Omondi and his wife—or girlfriend—met.

Eric Omondi, a comedian from Kenya, has stated that he has no immediate plans to enter the institution of marriage.

Omondi stated that he has a problem with the institution of marriage because most of his friends and relatives are divorced in an interview with Oga Obinna.

Eric Omondi wife
Eric Omondi wife details is not available. (Source: Twitter)

When asked if he regrets entering the comedy business, the comedian said everything had taught him something. Thus, there was no room for regrets.

God has been so lovely to me since I entered the industry, and I have no regrets at all, said Eric Omondi.

Omondi is a Father of one child, a child he co-parents with media celebrity Jacque Maribe, despite not being married at 40.

Omondi and Maribe got into an online argument in November 2021 about allegations that the comedian had ignored his fatherly duties.

After settling their differences, they even expressed regret to Kenyans for airing their dirty laundry in public.

Eric Omondi Arrested After Blocking Parliament Road

On February 21, the comedian Eric Omondi was detained after attempting to assault the Parliament to protest the high living expense.

In Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD), Omondi and other activists stopped Parliament Road to pressure the government to lower the cost of essential goods.

However, the officers guarding the installation repelled the group of demonstrators, and their attempt to storm the Parliament buildings were unsuccessful.

Before meeting Daniel Ndambuki in 2006, Eric began his career with a brief stint as a news reporter for NTV Kenya.

The Police guarding the Parliament buildings were alarmed by the protesters and fired tear gas at them.

Eric Omondi wife
He is a Kenyan comedian and actor. (Source: Base Radio)

Azimio la Umoja leaders, who urged fellow Kenyans to put additional demands and pressure on President William Ruto’s government over the country’s consistently growing cost of living, offered support to the protestors.

One of the protesters detained on Tuesday after attempting to breach Parliament buildings is comedian Eric Omondi.

To meet National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula, the comedian tried to rally a group of young people protesting the high cost of living.

The protesters, a bunch of ripped, shirtless males wearing chains around their necks, held placards written with criticisms about the high costs of goods.

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