Eric Swalwell Gay

Eric Swalwell Gay news has been trending on social media handles despite his official statements to the contrary; many continue to believe that he is gay.

Eric Michael Swalwell is an American politician and lawyer serving as the U.S. representative since 2023 for California’s 14th congressional district.

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From 2013 until 2023, his district, which includes most of eastern Alameda County and a portion of central Contra Costa County, will be known as the 15th district.

Furthermore, he is a Democratic Party supporter. Not just a Californian democrat, Swalwell is also a major LGBTQ+ ally.

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No, Eric Swalwell Is Not Gay: Rumours Explored

The sexual orientation of Eric Swalwell, the current member of the U.S. House of Representatives from California, has been the subject of rumors and speculation.

Many people believe he is gay even though he has made clear statements to the contrary in public.

These allegations have persisted for years, with some media outlets even publishing articles about Swalwell’s supposed “gay lifestyle.” The source of these allegations is unknown.

Eric, on the other hand, has never officially declared gay. Hence, the rumors about him are not true.

Besides, although being a strong and passive supporter of gay rights and the LGBTQ+ community, the politician has received several ***** threats.

On August 2022, a man called his office and threatened to kill him with an assault rifle.

Likewise, on August 15, Eric posted that ***** threats from MAGA-world were flooding into this office.

The man threatening to kill him claimed to be gay. The hate coming to the politician even after working for the welfare of their community is a harsh reality. 

Is Eric Swalwell Married To Brittany Watts? Meet His Kids 

Eric Swalwell gay rumors are proven to be baseless since he shares a happy marital life with his wife, Brittany Watts.

As per The New York Times, the adorable duo exchanged wedding vows on October 14, 2016.

The venue for the nuptials was set at the Rene C. Davidson Courthouse in Oakland, California.

Eric Swalwell Gay
Eric with his wife Brittany Watts in their marriage. (Source: Instagram)

According to the article, Eric Swalwell’s wife, Brittany served as the director of sales at the Ritz-Carlton resort at the time of their wedding.

Furthermore, Watts was welcomed into this world by her parents Dr. Kathryn L. Watts and H. William Watts III. Both her parents work as dentists.

Besides, Brittany attended Ohio’s Miami University and received her degree.

Moreover, the lovebirds share a thriving marriage and they are proud parents of two children.

Eric Swalwell kids are Eric Nelson Swalwell and Kathryn Watts Swalwell. While their son, Nelson was born in 2017, their daughter, Kathryn, arrived in 2018.

Overall, the family of four is leading booming personal lives together and our good wishes follow their way. 

Eric Swalwell Family Explored 

The American politician was welcomed into this world by his parents on November 16, 1980, in Sac City, Iowa, U.S.

Eric is the eldest of the four sons of Republican couple Eric Nelson Swalwell and Vicky Joe Swalwell.

His father was the Algona, Iowa, police chief when he was a young boy.

Eric Swalwell Gay
Eric’s mother and his son, Nelson. (Source: Instagram)

The family finally relocated to Dublin, California after leaving Iowa.

Talking about his educational background, the Californian democrat first graduated from Wells Middle School and then in 1999, from Dublin High School.

Swalwell had Bell’s palsy as a child and feared the disability would never go away. He needed to wear an eyepatch to address the ailment.

Besides, the politician comes from an extremely loving and supportive household.

His family always believed in him and the dreams he visualized. 

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