Eric Zhu Net Worth

Sixteen years old, Indiana has built an impressive company and is considered one of the rising start-up magnets. People are curious about Eric Zhu net worth and his career achievements.

Eric Zhu is co-founder and CEO of Aviato, an ultimate start-up search engine to venture funds.

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He currently attends “Carmel High School” in Indiana as a Sophomore. The teenage entrepreneur also serves as an investor with Bachmanity Capital.

With a passion for experiencing the world, the young Indiana boy Eric is raising sensation in the start-up world and several investments.

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Eric Zhu Net Worth In 2023: Carrer Earnings

Although there is no precise details or graph about Eric Zhu’s net worth, it is pretty sure that he owned a $20 million fund after he sold his first company.

After that, he invests that money in his new start-up engine Aviato. Similarly, the young startup owner has earned $100k of funding in just two weeks, and the numbers are still increasing.

When he co-founded Aviato in late 2021, Eric secured $1 million and pre-seed funding from the investors such as the founder of GitHub, Tom Preston-Werner.

Coding expert Eric who first learned it by himself later taught other people and earned money from it, which he invested in his startup.

Also, Eric Zhu invested in Insured Nomands in June 2021, now valued at $2M. Moreover, he is popular as “the start-up owner who raised funds and contacted investors from his school bathroom.”

He has raised several investment funding from his school bathroom during class hours. In his initial days in the start-up, the young boy collected $700k for his new start-up.

Eric Zhu Net Worth
Eric Zhu enjoys riding the flying boat with his friends in San Francisco. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, Eric also worked at FTX, -a cryptocurrency company, for some time and managed to earn $585K. 

Zhu has made several achievements in the new world of the start-up and did that all with his expertise. Still, the young boy is out there for more investments and funding for his start-up Aviato.

At a young age, Eric influenced many young and rising entrepreneurs passionate about founding their own companies and making change.

Eric Zhu Achievements And Journey To Start-up

Sixteen years old Eric Zhu was the Twitter viral meme maker. He used to post memes regarding viral keywords and issues which makes people engaged in his account.

Today, Eric Zhu has 41k followers on his Twitter account and still shares the stories behind his own Twitter shitposts and another shitpost about popular issues. His posts are loved by many of the viewers and users.

At the age of thirteen, during the pinnacle of quarantine, Eric walked out on the internet to get exposure to the world. 

At first, Zhu was kicked out of a certain club as soon as he entered. That made him realize that among the several smart people out there, he just had to grab their attention and learn something new.

Eric’s adventurous nature assisted him to came across an opportunity to do marketing for a start-up.

Eric Zhu Net Worth
Eric Zhu is an influential personality for young people who want to do something by themselves. (Source: Instagram)

Gradually, his young mind learned the process smoothly, and then Eric marched to create his startup. Now, Eric owns one of the most used start-ups by several servers and people.

Although the initial journey was hard because of the school environment and Eric Zhu’s parent’s priority towards curriculum-based achievement.

Eric is now the center of several investors, and his start-up Aviato is making new records; the same goes for another company Bachmanity Capital.

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