Erik Spoelstra daughter

Erik Spoelstra daughter, Ruby Grace Spoelstra, is his first daughter and youngest child in the family. She was born in September 2022. Santiago and Dante Spoelstra are the Miami Heat head coach’s sons.

Erik Jon Spoelstra, shortly Erik Spoelstra, is a former professional basketball player and one of the most skilled coaches in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He is currently serving as the head coach of the professional basketball team Miami Heat.

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Before getting promoted to head coach in 2008, the Illinois native was an assistant coach of the Miami Heat from 1997-2008. He is the first Asian-American head coach in the history of the four major North American sports leagues.

Regarding his personal life, Spoelstra is a family man. He leads a picture-perfect family of four with his wife of several years, Nikki Sapp. The married duo recently welcomed their third baby. Let’s get to know Erik Spoelstra’s children in this article.

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Who Is Erik Spoelstra Daughter Ruby Grace?

Ruby Grace is the first daughter and the youngest child of Erik Spoelstra and his wife, Nikki Sapp. She arrived in September 2022. Ruby’s parents must have been all over the moon about her safe arrival.

Erik Spoelstra daughter
Erik Spoelstra and his wife, Niki Sapp with their newborn daughter, Ruby Grace. Source: Instagram

Erik Spoelstra has been blissfully married to Nikke Sapp – a former Miami Heat cheerleader – since 22 July 2016.

The lovely pair got engaged on 17 September 2015. It looks like the Spoelstra-Sapp couple bonded over their shared career field.

The Spoelstra siblings’ parents are supportive of one another’s careers. Despite their busy schedule, they create space for the family. That must be the secrete to their happy and solid bond.

Erik Spoelstra’s wife revealed the news of their first daughter’s arrival through her Instagram account by sharing snaps. In the post, Ruby Grace’s brothers Santiago and Dante appeared excited to welcome her.

Erik Spoelstra Son, Santiago Cancer Remission

Erik Spoelstra’s son was diagnosed with Cancer. Santiago Spoelstra is the eldest son of the head coach whom he welcomed with Nikki Sapp in March 2018.

In March 2022, the head coach missed one game against the Brooklyn Nets. He was dealing with some devastating medical procedure for his son. However, the coach didn’t provide any other details.

On 22 July this year, the Miami head coach’s wife shared a heartfelt Instagram post about their baby boy’s journey with the nasty disease.

In the note, Nikki described that the eldest Spoelstra underwent an unexpected surgery on intussusception just after his fourth birthday.

Doctors found a benign mass, and one week after that, the head coach’s baby boy was diagnosed with Burkitt Lymphoma. During months of treatment and chemotherapy, he continued to be brave.

Erik Spoelstra daughter
Erik Spoelstra with his sons and pregnant wife. Source: Instagram

Thankfully, Erik Spoelstra’s son has a happy ending. As a sign of remission, he rang a bell in the Cancer wing at Nicklaus Children’s hospital.

Dante Spoelstra Is A Middle Child Of Erik Spoelstra And Nikki Sapp

Dante Spoelstra is the middle child of the Miami Heat head coach. He was born in December 2018.

Dante and his siblings are often seen on their mother’s IG feed. The Spoelstra-Sapp couple’s two sons seem to share a close bond. As they are of similar age, they must be playmates.

For this year’s Halloween, Dante appeared as Michelangelo, and his elder brother came through as Leonardo. As per their mama, the Spoelstra brother had the most epic Halloween Party for them.

Altogether, it is evident that the Miami Heat head coach’s children are getting all the love and care they need. Let’s hope they will grow up having a wonderful time. We wish them a bright future ahead.

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