Erwan Bongo Parents

Netizens are shocked after the news circulated about the young Gabon entrepreneur bringing famous Nigerian artists for 30M for the 30 September VantaWave Concert. People are now curious about Gabon’s young Erwan Bongo Parents and family details.

Twenty-one years old Erwan Bongo is one of Gabon’s young entrepreneurs, already having his brand of clothing named Dark & Co, which is popular among the youth.

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Erwan is a student at ESCP Business School pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Management.

He established Dark & Co in September 2021 and has been involved in the business and its export worldwide. Every time Erwan amazes and surprises the buyers, admires them concerning the clothes’ collection, designs, and style.

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Erwan Bongo Parents: Where Are They From?

Erwan Bongo was born on 21 September 2002 to Gabonese parents. The young entrepreneur resides with his parents in Paris, Île-de-France, in north-central France.

Erwan is usually the topic of conversation regarding a young aspiring businessman and his luxurious lifestyle.

Although, his monetary methods of dealing with problems are concerted by many, many people admire his success.

Apart from Bongo’s massive popularity, there is no information or details regarding his parents. Erwan has kept his parent’s personal life away from the radar of the media.

Although there are no discrete details about Erwan Bongo’s Parents, people have speculated about the father, Mr. Bongo, and the mother, Mrs. Bongo.

Observing the lavish lifestyle of Erwan and his ability to establish a stable company at a young age, he might be from a well-established family.

Erwan Bongo Parents
Observing his lavish lifestyle Erwan Bongo might be from a wealthy family. (Source: Facebook)

Bongo’s parents are immigrants from Gabon to France. Thus, they bear the Gabonese culture and tradition. Moreover, in Bongo family has a more significant influence in Gabon. 

The surname Bongo belongs to the presidential family of Gabon, and people assume that Erwan Bongo might be from the president’s family as he has the enthusiasm and wealth to mobilize the youth and set higher goals.

Furthermore, on his Facebook post of 21 September 2020-on, his eighteenth birthday, Erwan showed his gratitude towards his parents for all their contributions to him.

Bongo further mentioned that the education and norms that his parents imparted to him are the medium that makes him strong and give will and determinism to move forwards without hesitation.

Erwan Bongo Family Ethnicity And Nationality

Erwan Bongo’s ancestry and familial relation belong to the Gabonese culture, a country located on the west coast of Central Africa.

Born to parents of Black ethnicity and recognized as the agricultural people of Gabon in equatorial Africa, also known as the forest people.

Even though Erwan resides in France and regulates his business from the heart of Europe, his ethics, values, and voice are for the right of black people and this ethnic group.

From a young age, Erwan was involved in the anti-racial campaign. Similarly, his clothing brands Dark &Co also promote the cultural vibe of Gabon with a modern pop touch in the costumes.

Erwan Bongo Parents
Erwan Bongo is often seen in the campaign against racism. (Source: Facebook)

If one glances at his social media account, especially his Facebook tabs, we can see his enthusiasm regarding Gabonese and overall African culture.

It also seems like young entrepreneur Erwan Bongo admires African pop music.

He is often seen together with the famous young artist of the African continent, including Free6ix9ine and REMA.

Moreover, Erwan Bongo is a rising star of Gabonese origin and young blood with the energy to bring changes in society.

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