Esra Haynes

The 13-year-old Victorian Schoolgirl, Esra Haynes parents are Paul and Andrea Haynes. Take a look at how she died and her death cause. 

The social media users are mourning the death of Esra Haynes, a 13-year-old schoolgirl. According to the sources, she died after a cardiac arrest minutes after inhaling deodorant. 

The news saddens Haynes’s family and loved ones, and everyone is mourning the death of a young girl who was a loving and caring nature. 

Further, she was a student at Lilydale High School in Melbourne’s outer east and died on Saturday. She suffered a cardiac arrest after inhaling dangerous chemicals known as chroming.

More, Haynes was a family person, and he was survived by her parents. Let’s talk below about Haynes’s father and mother. 

Esra Haynes Parents Paul And Andrea Haynes

As per the online sources, Esra Haynes was the daughter of Paul And Andrea Haynes. Her parents’ names have been widely exposed on internet sources. 

However, we are not known much about them at the moment. Multiple questions about her parents, including their personal and professional details, have been missing from the sources at the moment. 

Esra Haynes parents
Esra Haynes was an aerobics state champion. (Source: Nine News)

Similarly, no further information about Paul and Andrea has been released as they have been going through a difficult situation, so Haynes’s parents have been away from the media sources, which made us more challenging to discuss them at this point. 

More to this, Haynes’s family have expressed their emotional tributes to her as she left everyone very soon. Many people believed that she would live more and achieve her dream; however, the young girl’s death is difficult to believe. 

Along with her parents, her friend and mates also miss the absence of the teen, and everyone is talking about how good and friendly she was, and Esra would fit everywhere seamlessly. 

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Victorian Schoolgirl, Esra Haynes Dies After Cardiac Arrest

The young schoolgirl, Esra Haynes, passed away after cardiac arrest. Her death news has been circulating all over the media sources, and people from different countries are also mourning the death of the teen girl. 

As per the sources, she went into cardiac arrest; similarly, this is also reported that she breathed in fumes from an aerosol canister, dangerous chemicals that stopped her brain from working. 

Esra Haynes
Esra Haynes was 13-year-old schoolgirl from Victoria. (Source: Daily Mail)

After the death of Esra, her parents became strong in taking action against it and are also running an awareness program as her parents told the Herald Sun it was now the family’s “life’s mission” to raise awareness about the dangers of chroming.

Similarly, her parents are told, “We want to help other children not fall into the silly trap of doing this silly thing,” he said. “It’s unquestionable that this will be our crusade. No matter how much you lead a horse to water, anyone can drag them away. It’s not something she would have done on her own.”

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Tributes Pours Online After Esra Haynes Death

As mentioned earlier, Esra Haynes died at 13 following a cardiac arrest. She took her last breath on Saturday after over a week on life support. The young lady went into cardiac arrest minutes after inhaling deodorant with friends.

When the news of her death was shared online, everyone was shattered, and tributes began pouring on social media.

Esra Haynes
Daily Mail Australia tweeting about Esra Haynes’s death. (Source: Twitter)

Due to the young lady’s death, family and friends receive condolence messages. Esra was close to many people, and her tragic death came as a shock to everyone.

The death news has gone viral, and one Twitter user wrote, “Rest in peace, Esra Haynes! You were a beautiful kind person. Everyone will miss you!!!!”

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