Ethan Liming

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Ethan Liming was a 17-year-old student at Firestone High School with a bright future ahead of him. He was passionate about music, sports and helping others.

He was loved by his parents, Bill and Jennifer Liming, who described him as a kind, caring and funny young man.

But on June 2, 2023, Ethan’s life was cut short in a tragic incident that shocked the community and sparked a national debate.

Ethan and his friends were playing with gel pellet guns in the parking lot of the I Promise School in Akron, Ohio when they encountered a group of young men who were playing basketball.

What started as a prank turned into a violent confrontation that ended with Ethan being fatally punched in the head by one of the men.

In this article, we will explore the background of Ethan Liming, his parents, and his marital status.

Ethan Liming Parents: Father, Bill Liming, And Mother, Jennifer Liming

Ethan Liming was the son of Bill and Jennifer Liming, who live in Akron. He had two sisters, Emma and Ella. Ethan was a star athlete and an honor roll student at Firestone High School.

Bill and Jennifer Liming are devastated by the loss of their son, who they say was trying to defuse the situation and apologize to the men after the pellet gun shooting.

They have been seeking justice for Ethan ever since, attending every court hearing and speaking out to the media. They have also been coping with the grief and trauma of losing their child in such a senseless way.

Ethan Liming Parents
Ethan Liming parents and family want justice for their son’s murder. (Source: Court TV)

They have received support from their family, friends and community, and the LeBron James Family Foundation, which runs the I Promise School.

Bill Liming said he hopes that Ethan’s death will serve as a wake-up call for young people to stop engaging in dangerous pranks and to respect each other. He also said he wants the men who killed his son to be held accountable for their actions.

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But, Ethan’s parents were disappointed when a grand jury reduced the charges against the three men accused of killing Ethan from murder to involuntary manslaughter and assault.

They said they felt like the justice system had failed them and their son.

Updates On Ethan Liming Murder Case

The case against the two brothers accused of killing Ethan Liming has been ongoing for over three months.

DeShawn Stafford, 21, and Tyler Stafford, 19, are facing charges of involuntary manslaughter, aggravated assault and assault. They have pleaded not guilty and claimed self-defense.

Their trial is scheduled to begin this week, with jury selection on Wednesday and opening statements on Friday. The trial is expected to last two weeks and draw national attention.

The defense attorneys for the Staffords have argued that their clients were the victims of an unprovoked attack by Ethan and his friends, who shot them with gel pellets that caused pain and injury.

They have also said that Ethan escalated the conflict by picking up a pellet gun and shooting DeShawn Stafford in the face, prompting him to punch Ethan in self-defense.

Ethan Liming Murder Suspects
A trial has continued for two brothers accused of killing the Akron teen, Ethan Liming. (Source: FOX News)

The prosecution, however, has maintained that the Staffords were the aggressors who overreacted to a harmless prank and brutally beat Ethan to death.

They have also presented evidence that someone stomped on Ethan’s chest hard enough to leave a shoe print, indicating excessive force.

The case has also raised questions about Ohio’s Stand Your Ground law, which allows people to use deadly force without retreating if they feel threatened.

The defense attorneys have said they will invoke this law if necessary to prove their client’s innocence.

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Racial tensions have also influenced the case, as some white supremacist groups have protested outside the Akron Police Department, demanding hate crime charges against the Staffords, who are Black.

However, the police and Ethan’s family have repeatedly said that race had nothing to do with what happened to Ethan, who was white.

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