Ceo Of US Election Software Arrested

Eugene Yu, who is serving as the Ceo Of the U.S. Election Software, had been arrested after being accused of illegally transmitting data about poll workers to China, which became fodder for election deniers.

When the news floated around the media outlet, it resulted in headlines and questions. Since he was serving in a high position, such actions were shameful and equally illegal; the information was vital that he had transferred.

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After being widely recognized, various investigations and announcements have been made regarding this issue.

As a worker in a well-known firm, his arrest news shocked people, and they sought to learn more about the matter. 

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Eugene Yu, Ceo Of U.S. Election Software; What Did He Do?

Eugene Yu, Ceo Of U.S. Election Software, was in the headlines after he was detained on the sensitive matter. After election deniers targeted him, officials took him in control. 

Similarly, he had been the center of suspicion for leaking the data of Los Angeles County poll workers by personally identifying information through computer hard drives.

Election Software CEO Arrested Over Alleged Data Theft, Storing Data on Servers in China
Election Software CEO Arrested Over Alleged Data Theft, Storing Data on Servers in China (Source- The Epoch Times)

As part of the investigation, other digital proof was held from the county district attorney’s office, an asper statement from the Police.

With the detention, they took the case seriously as many questioned the vital information’s security.

After facing a huge backlash, (Eugene Yu was Chief Executive), Konnech stated on his behalf. Likewise, L.A. County poll team members’ data that Konnech may have retained was provided to it by L.A. County and accordingly could not have been ‘swiped’ as suggested.”

Is Eugene Yu, Ceo Of U.S. Election Software, Arrested?

Yes, Eugene Yu, Ceo Of U.S. Election Software, was previously arrested for the alleged crime, but he is free now. Later, Los Angeles County dismissed charges against him in a sharp reversal.

After marking the end of a case, fine election deniers remarked, providing evidence of foul play in American elections as right-wing groups speak to show proof of voting system exposures, noting “potential bias” in the investigation.

This came to an end when the district attorney’s office announced that it had pushed for the case to be dismissed. The signal was granted without prejudice by a judge in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Also, officers voiced it; it only involved poll workers, not voting machines or vote counts, and did not change election results.

CEO arrested for stealing US election worker data, storing it in China
CEO arrested for stealing U.S. election worker data, storing it in China; however, denied (Source: Reporter Door)

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Know More About The Konnech And Its Relation To Election Procedure

Konnech is a Company that is established in East Lansing, Michigan. A few years ago, this business succeeded in a five-year, 2.9 million dollar agreement with L.A. County for software to track election worker schedules.

Besides that, this Company made a deal about training, payroll, and contacts, according to the county registrar-recorder/county clerk, Dean C. Logan.

Moreover, the Company was supposed to hold the data in the United States and only make it available to its citizens and permanent residents.

However, DA’s ethics were questioned when it reserved it on its servers in the People’s Republic of China.

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