Eusebius McKaiser Death

Fans are mourning South African Journalist Eusebius McKaiser Death. Eusebius McKaiser was a political analyst, journalist, and broadcaster from South Africa.

He has contributed to the Mail & Guardian, the Sunday Times, Foreign Policy, the Guardian, the New York Times, and Business Day, where he penned a weekly column.

He rose to popularity as a talk show host on Radio 702 and wrote three books about South African politics and society.

McKaiser was a renowned radio talk show host, debate coach, master of ceremonies, and notable public speaker who was a South African national debate champion and the 2011 World Masters Debate Champion.

McKaiser, who was homosexual, spoke up against racism and sexuality. His analytical pieces and editorials appeared in several South African publications, including the M&G and The New York Times.

McKaiser studied law and philosophy before teaching in South Africa and England. On social media, South Africans expressed their astonishment at his passing. Let’s find out about Eusebius McKaiser death details. 

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Eusebius McKaiser Death Cause And Obituary

Eusebius McKaiser Death has shocked everyone. Jackie Strydom, McKaiser’s manager, announced his death on Tuesday.

She informed TimesLive, where the deceased was a regular contributor that Eusebius had a suspected epileptic episode.

According to Rhodes University, Eusebius was born in Grahamstown (now Makhanda) “to a family of little means.”

In 1997, he entered the university for a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Philosophy, earning honors and a master’s degree in philosophy, both with distinction.

Eusebius McKaiser Death
Eusebius McKaiser Deathhas been a topic of interest for people. (Source: TimesLIVE)

Eusebius’ work has been featured in the New York Times, Business Day, Mail & Guardian, Sunday Times, Sunday Independent, City Press, and other magazines.

“As a political activist, what matters to him is grappling with the social and political issues that affect our lives and making people sit up and take notice,” the university noted.

His activism defines his life, and he writes extensively in the local and international press, particularly interested in identity issues and their policy implications.

How Did South African Journalist Eusebius McKaiser Die?

South African Journalist Eusebius McKaiser died on 30 May 2023 because of a suspected epileptic seizure.

Eusebius McKaiser, a prominent political analyst, broadcaster, author, and social critic, died following a suspected epileptic episode.

The unexpected death of McKaiser has sent shockwaves across the journalism community. Jackie Strydom, his manager, confirmed his death to TimesLive.

“It all happened so quickly,” Strydom said to TimesLive. His boyfriend, Nduduzo Nyanda, is with his family in the mortuary.” Strydom expressed her astonishment and sadness at the news.

Eusebius McKaiser Death
Eusebius McKaiser, a broadcaster and journalist, died at the age of 45. (Source: TimesLIVE)

Eusebius McKaiser was born in a colored township in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, to a working-class family. He attended St Mary’s Primary School and Graeme College, where he graduated in 1996.

From 1997 to 2003, he attended Rhodes University, earning a bachelor’s degree in law and philosophy, an honors degree, & a master’s degree in philosophy with a thesis on moral objectivity.

Between 2005 and 2006, he was a Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford, performing Ph.D. research in moral philosophy under Ralph Wedgwood and John Broome.

In addition, he was an Oppenheimer Memorial Trust Scholar.

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